Chronobiology, Chronotypes and Personalisation

Did you know that ‘when’ you do things can be just as important as ‘what’ you do!? In this session we discuss the latest Chronobiology research in exercise, nutrition and disease management. As well as exploring an emerging field of ‘Chronotypes’ the personalisation of sleep, meal and exercise timing based on an individuals unique biorhythms! If you are hitting a dead end with your clients results, timing could well be the missing link. Register below to find out more.

Non-Responders in Exercise & Nutrition

Why is it some clients seem to lose weight and stay healthy with relatively little effort, whilst others, even with the best nutrition and exercise, find it so difficult? Even in research it is not uncommon to see a 20-30% non-response rate, showcasing that every individual will respond differently to the same program.

So, how much control do we really have over our health? How much do genes play a role? And how much can we really make a difference as a health professional? Register below to find out how you can provide consistent results for every client you work with.

ph360 Webinar Presenters

Dr Cam McDonald (PhD) – CEO, Director of Education, ph360 Health Professionals
BSc (Ex Sc); MSc (Nut+Diet); PhD (Phil) International Health and Fitness Presenter (FILEX, FITEX, ExPro), Keynote Speaker

Dr Cam has spent the last decade furthering his knowledge and skills so as to promote health in a way that makes it easy and obvious for clients. Dr Cam blends his background as a dietitian, exercise physiologist, with his long-standing personal interest in health, and his passion for understanding the latest research in genetics and environmental influence on health. He takes this passion to both the general community, however he has a large focus on improving the education of parents, teachers and health professionals in the space of personalised health. He currently spends the majority of his time educating medical practitioners through to massage therapists, and collaborating with childhood specialists in the application of personalisation, and how it can be readily used to dramatically improve outcomes for all individuals.

Kyle Riley – COO, Director of Education, ph360 Health Professionals
BSc (hons) Exercise Science, International Health and Fitness Presenter (FILEX, FITEX, Asia Fit Conference, CanFitPro, ExPro, AUSTSWIM)

Having worked in all areas of the fitness industry, from small/large gyms, to health retreats and even gyms at sea! International speaker and fitness entrepreneur Kyle Riley has spent the last 10 years travelling the world educating and empowering health/fitness professionals and clients alike in taking control of their health. As the co-founder of ShaeFit and COO in ph360 Health Professionals, Kyle now looks to the future of epigenetics, personalised health and AI technology to change the paradigm of the health and fitness industry for greater impact and change in world health.

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