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Phase 1: Course Starts 
22nd July 2022

Phase 2: Live Workshop 
30th-31st July, 10am-4pm (AEST)

Phase 3: 6 x Weekly Calls 
Begins 4th August, 10am (AEST)

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697
(Ends 10th July)

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Phase 1: Course Starts 
6th October, 2022

Phase 2: Live Workshop 
15th-16th October, 2022, 11am-5pm (EST)

Phase 3: 6 x Weekly Calls 
Begins 26th October, 2022, 8pm (EST)

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697
(Ends 25th September)

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Phase 1: Course Starts 
14th October, 2022

Phase 2: Live Workshop 
22nd-23rd October, 10am-4pm (AEST)

Phase 3: 6 x Weekly Calls 
Begins 27th October, 10am (AEST)

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697
(Ends 2nd October)

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Mastery Series

Three Phase Online Learning


Self-Paced Online Modules 10 – 12 Hours

Week 1 – 2


Live Virtual Weekend Event 10am – 3pm (AEST)

Weekend Event


Online Group Mentoring & Video 60Mins / Week

Week 3 – 8

The mastery series is 3-phases of both self-paced and live online professional development that has been designed specifically for health and fitness professionals to uncover a deeper understanding of their clients unique physiology, biology, behavioural predispositions and more.

Importantly, those undertaking this education will learn how to develop the skill set to assess their clients unique phenotype, without the need for genetic or invasive testing to deliver an individualised lifestyle plan and coaching service that provides consistent results and long-lasting retention within their business.

Looking to expand your current offering? The skills gained from the Mastey Series will allow you to:

  • Take your business online
  • Offer group programs
  • Expand into corporate wellness
  • Integrate leading personalised health technology at scale within your business

Whether you are a PT, Allied Health Professional or Medical Doctor, the education and technology provided upon completion of this course will allow you to add a new service into your business to stand out, have more impact and live your potential in your chosen profession.

Want to know more?

Access our free course manual and our team will be in contact with you to provide further support

What’s in the box?

Your ph360 Mastery Series includes:

  • Lifetime Access to ph360 Mastery Series educational content and learning materials
  • A Free annual membership to ph360 and the Shae app for your personal health use
  • Access to a community of leading fitness, allied and medical professionals
  • Free monthly advanced educational webinars: movement, nutrition and mindset
  • Free Weekly group business coaching  to support the application of personalised health in your business
  • Special coach access to ph360’s personalised health technology
  • Resource Centre Access: Marketing materials, Educational videos and coaching resources
  • Continuing Education Points: 15 CEC’s Fitness Australia, 20 REPs NZ, 1.9 CEU’s NASM, 3.4 CEC’s ACE

All included in your one off mastery series course fee!

Course Outcomes

  • Identify the different sciences that can influence a person’s unique development (including the links between anthropometry, embryology, endocrinology and genetics)
  • Understand how lifestyle and environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and more affect gene expression DIFFERENTLY in different people!
  • Become well-versed in how to assess a client’s individual phenotype through a non-invasive assessment (NO GENE TESTING HERE!) with leading ph360 technology.
  • Discover the 6 major HealthTypes and the specific lifestyle and environmental needs for each to create truly personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs for different clients.
  • Understand how to effectively coach behaviour change to the 6 major types, including communication, motivation styles and coaching support techniques.
  • Implement into your current business model, how to include ph360 health coaching and assessment technology into your service offerings for your client base.
  • Collaborate within the ph360 Health Professional network. Join a community of trained medical doctors, allied health professionals and personal trainers to expand your professional and referral network for greater client centred care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your course fee gives you lifetime access to the Mastery Series educational materials and allows you to fully practise as a trained ph360 Health Professional. Included in your course fee is additional access to Mastery-Level continuing education, support and resources in business, nutrition, exercise and coaching to ensure your success in personalised health.

If you choose to deepen your training in a particular area of Personalised Health and Medicine after the Mastery Series, you will find further specialised pathways and intensive course options at additional fees that will expand your knowledge base and clinical application specifically for your chosen area.

Your confirmation email will contain access details for your Online Mastery Series Course, so please check your inbox! If, for some reason, you cannot find the email with your course login details, please email us at [email protected].

An endorsed ph360 Personalised Health Coach is a Health Professional who has completed all aspects of the Online Mastery Series Course and, in addition, has elected to undergo the assessment for the Endorsement Process. This allows the Endorsed coach additional benefits such as access to the ph360 Coaching Panel, discounts on continuing education, and more.

NOTHING EXTRA for you! The Endorsement application fee is currently included in your Online Mastery Series Course fees so you can simply choose to become endorsed and make use of the benefits or not!

You can start using it all immediately! Using ph360 with your clients during your education is encouraged so that you have as much support as you need getting started.

To gain access to the ph360 Coaching Panel you must be an Endorsed Coach (included in your course fees!) so be sure to take the Endorsement pathway as you go!

Inside your ph360 profile, you can access your HealthType in “My Account” by clicking on your profile picture (or on the blue circle holding your initials if you haven’t uploaded an image). You will need a soft measuring tape, your height and weight, and internet connection to complete your initial profile that will take around 30-45 minutes, to see your HealthType (Included in your course fees).

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any queries before your course begins. As you start the Mastery Series you’ll meet your Online Course Educator who is there for you every step of the way. Please also make use of the forums in Teachable for content-related questions and the Facebook Support Group for answers from your community.

When you complete all 3 phases of the Online Mastery Series Course you will be awarded your Certificate, entitling you to your CEC/CPD points.

You can start using ph360 right away simply by having your clients purchase a ph360 account and guiding them through their results in-session. To make the most of ph360 as an additional stream of income and as a value-add to your services there are 2 distinct options – both of which you can use at any stage as you go through your training:

  1. The Clickbank partner program. Receive a Thank-you referral payment for having your clients sign up online through your special partner link.
  2. ph360 Practitioner Membership Packs. Purchase annual memberships at a special cost price (exclusive to ph360 Health Professionals only) and resell them as part of your services at a price that works best for you, providing an additional stream of income into your business.

These options are explored during your Online Mastery Series Course but if you have further questions or just can’t wait to get started, please reach out to us at [email protected] and a team member will walk you through.

Refund Policy

You can read our refund policy here

As we plan our courses in advance and have hundreds of students taking part from around the world. We are unable to accommodate requests to cancel or transfer your registration or issue refunds outside of the stated refund policy. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.