Epigenetics in Practice

Combining decades of research with the latest advances in health technology, ph360 is leading the way in applied epigenetics in practice.


The specific needs of your client based on their gene expression.


The Most Accurate health & fitness info available.


How your client best learns, communicates & applies info you deliver.


Over 10,000 health data points in 15 sciences within 30mins.

Personalised Health is HERE

The Future of Health is Personalised Health. AND IT IS HERE…Are you Accounting for the Unique Epigenetic needs of EVERY Client you work With?

“Pairing your experience and clinical skills with the most advanced health technology will lead to better results, improved client relationships/retention, and greater enjoyment in your chosen career, it’s why we are in healthcare!”

Dr Cam McDonald

Lead educator & clinician for ph360 Health Professionals, Australia

What is ph360?

Everyone is different and, as a result, needs completely different things to live in best health.


Know the specific foods that are best for each individual, right now! Based on genes, current health status and the environment they are exposed to.


Different people have different biorhythms. Understand your clients best time to exercise, eat and sleep based on their unique biology.


Further understand your clients’ motivational drivers, best ways of learning and natural strengths to maximise adherence to behaviour change.


Any organism requires a specific environment to survive or thrive. Find out what outdoor spaces and indoor places are best for optimal health.

Why do we need Personalised Health?

With access to the education and technology of ph360. Health, Medical and Fitness professionals around the world are able to provide a complete solution in personalised healthcare, accounting for the many aspects of lifestyle medicine pivotal for long term health.

1We are all Different: No two people will respond the same to the same program.
2The human body is not static: Even the same person will need a different program as they age – everyone changes, and so do their requirements for optimal health.
3One man’s food is another’s poison: Healthy foods & exercise aren’t the same for everyone. In fact, healthy for one can be dangerous for another.
4The 80:20 Myth: It’s more than just food & exercise. Mental health, social health and even the climate can influence health, sometimes even more than food!
5The end of the information age: With advances in technology, your clients can access information at the touch of a button, people are demanding a more personalised experience from their health professional, what culture are you creating with your clients?

What Professionals Say

Discover what Leading Health and Fitness Professionals have to say about ph360 Education and technology.

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Chris Dounis, Exercise Physiologist

Wendy Burke, Naturopath

Dr LB Goldman, Physician

Dr Everett Beyer, Functional Medicine

Dr Cherie Lechner-Lunato
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ph360 Educational Courses

½ Day Immersion Workshop

Genetic vs Generic: The Future is Personalized. Includes prerequisite learning for the ph360 Mastery Series. Learn More

The 6-week Mastery Series

This advanced personalised health coaching course is now widely accepted by many of the world’s leading health… Learn More

The Professional Series

Personalised healthcare is using the latest scientific and clinical research, tools and technologies to identify the unique genetic… Learn More

“The overarching mission for ph360 is to lead to major breakthroughs and application in the reversal of chronic disease and pain by the year 2050.”

Matt Riemann

Founder ph360

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