The Re-Emergence of Personalised Health

Personalised Health is simply the concept that each individual is unique and therefore requires different epigenetic factors like food, activity, environment, social, communication and mental stimulation to maintain an optimal state of health. This crucial concept has been overlooked for generations however advancements in technology have now allowed the complex calculations of personalisation to become effortless for the individual, the health professional and the educator.

Access to personalised health advice, support and education is now available to enhance the health and well being of everyone.

Available & Accessible Health

Personalised Health is relevant to everyone. The principles remain the same: encourage the right ways of eating, moving, relating and living for your unique body to maintain your balance, energy and overall health, but the particulars are different for everyone. Thanks to today’s technology, the particulars are available and accessible for each individual to thrive in a fulfilling, healthy daily life.

Nurturing Your Unique Child

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want for them to grow and develop in a loving, supportive environment to create the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.  

Understanding the inherent needs fo your child, and the way that you naturally respond, leads to opening a whole new perspective on happiness and harmony within the family unit.

Take Your Coaching to a Whole New Level

Personalise the way you approach, nurture and motivate each individual client to maximise your coaching outcomes. If you are a Health, Lifestyle or Life Coach, knowledge and application of complete personalisation is a must for the future health of your clients and your business.

Experience Unparalleled Results with Every Client

It is a known fact that two people with different genetic backgrounds will respond differently to the same treatment. One exercise, or a particular food, can protect from disease in one person, while in another it can cause harm. Knowing this, it is critical now more than ever that the advice you give is based on what is BEST for the individual in front of you. It is guaranteed that they are different to your previous client even if they have the same health concern.

In all practices, there are people who don’t respond to treatments that are successful for others.

Personalised Learning: The New Era of Education

From primary classrooms to college degrees, understanding the unique needs of each individual creates an optimized learning environment for both students and teachers. Learning styles, the need to move or to socialise, working autonomously or as part of a group, time of day, type of foods ingested, climate, privacy, topics… all of these factors and more affect the performance capacity and stress levels of both teachers and students. Understanding the practical application of personalisation allows your organisation to adapt to the individual needs of each student while maintaining the set curriculum requirements resulting in a calmer, more productive learning environment for all.

Wear Your Good Genes to Work

Utilising the personalisation engine of ph360, ShaeWellness incorporates simple, practical elements into the workplace to enhance the productivity, fulfilment and enjoyment of your work team.

Introduction to Personalised Health

A fun, friendly way to start the discussion around making health personal.