Our Vision: Live Your Potential

Everyone has a unique greatness within, by assisting our health professionals to discover and live to their fullest potential, we greatly increase the impact they can have on the lives of their clients, creating a ripple effect of personalised health, self-awareness and collaborative growth like no other!

Our Values:

ACHIEVE - like a Crusader

We consistently succeed through purposeful strategy, focus and taking initiative

CONSIDER - like a Diplomat

We consider all possibilities before making a measured and committed decision

SERVE - like a Guardian

We listen, we serve, our community is our family

INNOVATE - like an Activator

We break paradigms, we go where others wouldn’t, in a way that hasn’t been done before.

OBSERVE - like a Sensor

We grow through self-awareness and learn to follow our gut when it makes sense

ADAPT - Like a Connector

We are who we need to be in order to get the best outcome for all


The Mastery Team

With an unrivaled team spirit, our Mastery Team stands strong. Our core values extend to you as we personalise your complete educational experience and invite you to become a part of our community.

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Dr Cam McDonald (PhD)
CEO & Director of Education, ph360 Australia

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Kyle Riley
MD & Director of Education, ph360 Australia

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Anne Larsen
Director of Coaching ph360 International

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Kate Arthy
Community Connector AU

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Renee Riley
Educator & Community Connector NZ

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Lucy Robinson
Course Activator
Gerard Sams
Head Career Activator
Bekk Millwood
Industry Activator

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Dr Nick Kimber

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Emily Moorhouse-Aires

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Cherie Gorringe

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