Clinical application of Personalised Health & Epigenetics

Designed for inspiring and driven allied health professionals to learn and integrate the most up-to-date personalised health science & technology into their practice for enhanced client results and business outcomes

Evidence-Based Health Intelligence

ph360 provides professional development in personalised health and it’s application to practice. Using the insights from the evidence-based ph360 platform and app, trained clinicians are able to assess and understand each client’s specific needs based on their unique phenotype (gene expression).

The understanding gained from this course will enable much deeper insights into a client’s physiological basis of health & disease. Through the advanced clinical platform and app (Shae) plus discipline specific professional development, the educational pathways support the application of precise, personalised guidance in the areas of nutrition, exercise, mindset and environment.

Who should be involved?

The ph360 Mastery series and associated educational pathways are designed for allied health professionals determined to make a difference in every client’s life, whilst having a positive impact on their industry.

The course is suitable for all allied health professionals including, but not limited to:

  • Dietitians & Nutritionists
  • Naturopaths
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers/Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Nurses & Practice Nurses
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Scientists & Researchers
  • Academics & Educators

Personalisation of health interventions is recognised as the future of disease management and performance enhancement. This course is designed to develop knowledge of an epigenetics based model of care that better supports the individual needs of each client. It is intended that allied health practitioners will increase their knowledge and confidence to practice in the treatment of lifestyle related conditions

The future of healthcare is personalisation

To Eliminate Chronic Disease by 2050

Effective treatment for chronic and other lifestyle disease require:

  • Accurate diagnosis through an understanding of disease pathways
  • An understanding of an individual’s unique needs (genetics and epigenetics), and;
  • Support that inspires sustained behaviour change.
“Nowadays, it’s not about whether a certain food, exercise or therapy being is considered ‘healthy’, it’s whether or not that intervention is going to be appropriate for the individual. Even kale or ‘going for a run’ can be contraindicated in certain individuals at certain times. It’s time to focus on what the individual needs, and adjusting the intervention to match the changes seen in the client”

Dr Cam McDonald

Lead educator & clinician for ph360 Health Professionals, Australia

The science & practice of ph360

Over 20 years of real world data of over 50000+ cases, and an international panel of experts specialising in over 15 different areas of health science have been involved in the creation of the ph360 platform and app, Shae™. It is designed to ensure that the right scientific principles are provided to the right individual, and to eliminate the ‘trial and error’ approach. Used in conjunction with clinical observations and experience, the ph360 platform and the accompanying education through the Mastery Series will enhance accuracy and consistency for all allied and medical health professionals.

ph360 Technology for Allied Health Professionals

Becoming a trained ph360 health professional will provide you with clinical access to the leading personalised health & epigenetic platform, ‘Shae’. Shae integrates into any allied health business or consultation model. The information delivered is designed to assist by providing greater accuracy of assessment, precision in intervention and more comprehensive care for each individual. Coupled with industry leading business integration support, it gives each trained clinician the tools to simultaneously increase revenue and client results.

Assess Gene Expression

A simple, non-invasive 30 minute assessment of your clients gene expression, that can be performed in clinic, during a consultation or training session, meaning you always have the most accurate data available for each of your clients unique needs.

Mindset and Motivation

Gain insights into the biology of behaviour. Upskill in the understanding of brain function, how it varies between individuals, and how understanding these differences lead to faster and more sustained behaviour change. Remove the guesswork from behaviour change coaching, and apply the right principle to the right person

Intelligent Personalised Insights

Support your current interventions with detailed information on personalised nutrition (specific foods & recipes), movement (timing & type), and environment, optimised to your client’s current health needs. Consider 10,000 epigenetic correlates with the touch of a button

Why timing matters

The science of chronobiology made simple. Understand how the latest evidence in food, exercise and cognitive function timing can dramatically alter the effectiveness of your intervention.

Health Professional Community & Support

Join a global network of health professionals applying epigenetics in practice. Benefit from the collective experience of 10’s of thousands of clients, plus an almost inexhaustible professional resource centre to fast track your learning, enhancement of client results, and business outcomes.

Take care like never before

Add an extra level of support to your clients’ interventions and allow Shae to provide around the clock support to your clients through push notifications and health reminders specific to their needs. As a coach, gain clinical access to see each person’s personalised data and communicate in real time.

Enhance your clinical practice. Maximise your results. With ph360.

8 week course

ph360 8-Week Mastery Series for Allied Health Professionals

This course is designed to update clinicians in:

  • The essential sciences of personalised lifestyle medicine: chronobiology, personalised exercise & nutrition, neuropsychology, endocrinology, semeiotics and exposomics
  • Determining the foundational differences between individuals through quantification of their phenotype (gene expression)
  • How quantification of these differences in phenotype allow prediction of appropriate lifestyle interventions
  • The practical application of these principles with patients

What Professionals Say

Discover what leading Health and Fitness Professionals have to say about ph360 education and technology.

AdaPT Gym and Training

Wendy Burke, Naturopath

Chris Dounis, Exercise Physiologist

What is the ph360 Mastery Series?

The ph360 Mastery Series is the essential and foundational course for understanding the key principles of personalised health and it’s application to clinical practice.

The course content draws from an expansive evidence base and 20 years of real world clinical data, and delivered in a way that makes the information engaging, detailed and usable. It is designed for allied health professionals who are seeking a more comprehensive resource for their clients health and disease outcomes

8-Week Mastery Series includes

-Online Pre-Learning (assessed learning – 5-7hrs)

-2 Days of face to face learning (assessed learning – 17hrs)

-6 Weeks of Online Mentoring and Education (assessed learning – 18hrs)

Providing you with an in-depth view of Personalised Health principles, practical application of epigenetics to real clients, & the integration of Personalised Health into your existing fitness business:

  • The ph360 Mastery Series Manual to enhance your learning experience and for later quick reference
  • Exclusive membership into the ph360 health professional community, join a network of like-minded allied health professionals, fitness professionals and medical doctors to expand your referral and support base.
  • Live mentoring to assist you in utilising the personalised health insights with your clients
  • Ongoing training, support and development in your are of expertise, behaviour change/coaching and business as you continue on your personalised health professional journey

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ph360 8-week Mastery Series
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