ph360 Professional Series Conference

Dates: TBA

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ProSeries Conference 2020 Highlights

ph360 proudly invites you to the 9th International ph360 Conference

Cutting edge information in Personalized Health, Medicine and Epigenetics.

  • Behind the HealthTypes: Systems biology and interaction with genetics and epigenetics.
  • Advanced Clinical Reasoning: Signs, symptoms, biomarkers, and phenotypic interpretation.
  • Under the Hood: The latest assessment protocols and technology for prescriptive personalized medicine.
  • More than a Type: Ancestry, genetics, and epidemiological considerations and more for each unique person.
  • Research to Practice: Case studies and practical application providing take-homes to implement with your clients.

Virtual Health Retreat

  • Breakout Sessions – Collaborative workshops to support your personal and professional growth.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions – Dedicated sessions to get all of your questions answered.
  • Retreat Schedule – Follow along with a personalized 3-day schedule based on your HealthType, complete with meal timing and recommendations, focus, learning and memory retention tips and even ‘walkie-talkie’ activities.
  • Exercise Sessions – Join the ph360 team for scheduled exercise sessions throughout the day, HealthType specific of course and achieve physical as well as mental benefits from the event.
  • ph360 Dinner –  A fantastic night of celebration and networking. Coach of the year and ph-ed Talks will return after an incredible reception at the ProSeries 2021. There will also be an exclusive Keynote from our founder, Matt Riemann unveiling some of the latest advancements in ph360 make this event unmissable.

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What Pro Series Attendees Say

Richard Beddie

CEO Exercise New Zealand

Dr. Sanjeevan

Dr. Veronique Chachay

University of Queensland

Pro Series 2022 Features

3-Day Event Pass

Access every session from our all-star line up of international speakers & experts in personalized health.

Exclusive Q&A Sessions

Join CEO Matt Riemann & CMO Dr. Alberto Garoli for focussed question time. Get all your questions answered in these interactive sessions throughout the event.

Virtual Retreat Schedule

Follow a personalized daily schedule so that you can really live to your profile whilst learning over the event. This is your time to look after you in this immersive learning experience.

Meet the ph360 Community

Networking time with Dr. Cam, Kyle & your ph360 Health Professional Team, as well as other health & medical practitioners of the community. Share ideas, build a support network and find out how others just like you are using ph360 in their business.

ph360 Gala Dinner

The Saturday evening of the Pro Series will host our annual gala dinner.  This event includes exclusive Keynote, new tech updates, Coach of the year award and brand new coach ‘ph-ed Talks’.


ProSeries Early Access

Gain early insight into the future of ph360 technology, research and projects for humanity. Access special prices on future conferences, education, tokens and more.

World Class Speakers

Immerse yourself in the big picture of precision health with expert speakers discussing personalized health in 360 degrees of life. Join Matt Riemann, Dr Alberto Garoli, Dr Cam McDonald, Kyle Riley and more exciting guests in 2022.

The Professional Series Schedule 2022

The Pro Series 2022 event schedule: TBA

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