Learn360 creates simplified systems to support the precision learning and growth needs of every individual. Using the groundbreaking protocols of ph360™, the world’s first health and wellness platform based on Epigenetics, Learn360 provides a simple, evidence-based lens through which we can understand the inherent traits of children and best support their learning needs.

Learn360 programs are available for Educators, Students, Parents and your broader learning Community.

Precision Learning is a Necessity for Educators, not a Luxury.

Our Educators are the first port of call for a student every moment of every work day. Mental well being, physical health decline and industry leavers are at record highs. 

As with all relationships, Educators will not work with two students who are exactly the same, or who will find optimal learning results with the exact same protocols. Every Educator-Student relationship is unique – and can be exhausting. This is where Learn360 creates simple systemization to explain and support each individual and every relationship in the healthiest way for everybody. 

Precision Learning supports every Educator to understand their own needs, the needs of each individual student, and how those needs interact both one-to-one and in the classroom.

How It Works

Learn360 educates and provides support in the principles, practice and integration of precisoin learning to the entire learning ecosystem: Schools, Educators, Students and Parents. 

The purpose of this is to ensure that each student is able to attend school in an environment that allows them to feel secure in themselves, to use their natural strengths and excel in their areas of passion, while continually developing a very powerful and unique identity that supports them to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

What Educators Are Saying About Learn360

St John’s Anglican College – Junior

I was fortunate to be part of the National  IPSHA conference in with Dr Cam McDonald was presenting, and it really started to fire off a lot of neurons in my mind that this is the real way forward, this is what we need to do to get a real fine-grained understanding of each and every student in our care and how we can best cater for them.

The key is that we are looking at the biology first, rather than the behaviour. The content creates a clear pathway to how an educator can simply create an environment conducive to supporting the individual’s best learning opportunities.

We have some long serving staff members teaching at our college (25+ years), and they have stated that this is the best PD they have ever had. This professional development has really struck a cord with the vast majority of the staff. It also made many of the long serving educators see that there is a lot of untapped thought, and while the many observations had been made, pulling it all together in this way has been a revelation!

– Martin Brownlow – Head of School
SEDA College

SEDA College’s partnership with Learn360 has helped our students develop greater self-awareness, particularly pertaining to their sleep, exercise and nutrition habits and preferences. They have used the knowledge and skills developed through the program to optimise these elements of their health to achieve their own personal goals, including feeling more energised and attaining peak performance.

Dr Cam is an engaging and informative presenter. Students have thoroughly enjoyed their interactions with him, and he has proven to be an amazing resource to support students with their studies and personal health and wellbeing goals.

– Ashley Jenner – Director of Learning Innovation
SEDA College

Teachers have found PH360 to be a valuable tool. Knowledge of the health type of particular students has provided a solid foundation upon which, individualised routines and programs can be adapted to best meet their needs.

– Dana Kempster, Director of Student Experience
Springfield Anglican College

Since commencing the Learn360 program, the staff have been more engaged in professional dialogue regarding the students within our College. The understanding, knowledge and skills that has been developed through the sessions has provided all staff with a greater understanding of individual student learning needs and how they can perform better both in the classroom and playground setting once we understand more about why they behave in the way they do. Staff have looked at alternative ways to group students, relate to students and cater for their individualised personality traits. Dr Cam is engaging and knowledgeable and ensures through the sessions that the content is re-visited frequently to enable staff to reflect and gain a greater and more in-depth understanding with each session. Dr Cam approaches each session with a tailored and individualised approach that supports the needs of our school environment and community. Staff look forward to each session and have been highly engaged. The staff room conversations regarding individual students has been supportive and reflective of the knowledge gained.

Tania Brewer, Head of Junior School
Springfield Anglican College

Personalised, precision learning with Learn360 has given us more insight into our students and accommodating their needs. It has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and easy to apply strategies, which we have now started implementing in our classrooms and have already seen improvements in classroom dynamics. 

– Rachel Chamberlain, Year 4 Teacher

Who Benefits From Precision Learning?

Precision Learning is essential for all Schools and Educators who wish to support each unique child and their optimal learning style and environment:

  • CHILDREN: Understand their different and unique learning styles, comprehension, engagement, communication, natural strengths and languages so they can learn naturally and effectively. 
  • TEACHERS: Gain a new lens, viewing their class in the personalized way, facilitating a student-led precision learning experience. Answering the question: “Which type of child is in my classroom and how can I best support their unique learning journey?”
  • SCHOOLS: Create the environment for success by integrating movement breaks, mindfulness and lifestyle choices, and even school cafeteria diet choices for students. Support load, stress, and lifestyle management for healthy and happy teachers and staff.
  • COMMUNITY: Parents, staff, local community members and beyond are all here for the same reason: healthy, happy children who are learning, growing, and achieving in their own unique way. Precision learning allows for a cohesive, collaborative effort in the community.

Precision Learning is an ecosystem

Children learn from everywhere. PL supports children throughout their life by realising and acknowledging the role of the teacher as co-parent, and striving to ensure each unique child receives consistent support, guidance and feedback throughout their entire learning ecosystem – at school, in the classroom, and at home.

Why Does Learning Need To Be Precise?

Each child in a classroom is unique and different:

  • They all have different bodies, brains and hormones
  • They all have different needs and wants
  • They all learn differently, and at different paces
  • They will all behave differently, in balance and out of balance
  • They all have natural strengths, and weaknesses
  • They all are motivated by different things, at different times

They all have natural tendencies that give us guidance, when an educator is aware, to be able to support them in the best way!

What Students Are Saying About Precision Learning

“..made me a better person…”

Learning what I have in these sessions has not only made me a better person but has helped me better understand those around me. This is something that simply doesn’t get taught in schools although it is the most important skill in life.

– Jack, 18
“Has helped me improve my relationships and be more self-aware …”

From these sessions I’ve learnt that it is important to have some understanding on why people do the things they do based on biology. Understanding people’s differences and why they are the way they are has helped me improve my relationships and be more self-aware of my actions and behaviours.

– Ashlyne, 18
“It has a positive impact on mental health …”

I think that when someone understands who they are and why they do it, it has a positive impact on mental health which sadly is a massive issue in today’s society. I believe that if this information was introduced to the education system it will help raise students’ mental health which is one of the most important issues that we currently need to address as a society.

– Luke, 16
I am unique and special in my own way…”

I truly believe that if I had been taught this younger I could have saved many relationships lost to small issues and more importantly helped me understand who I really am at a younger age. It has helped me understand that I am unique and special in my own way and also helped me unlock how I work most effectively which could’ve made a huge difference in my educational journey.

– Tim, 17
“I believe all teachers should know this…”

I believe all teachers should know this type of information so they are able to understand their students at a deeper level. I think everyone is capable of being successful in school however some people just require different approaches.!

– Lily, 15
“This would be extremely beneficial for parents…”

This would be extremely beneficial for parents as many struggle relating with their kids especially their teenage years as they are going through stages of independence, etc. The better parents understand their kids the better their relationships will be.

– Seth P, 16
“This information has inspired me and many of my peers…”

I think all teachers must be educated on this because this information has inspired me & many of my peers. As well as focusing on my strengths rather than weaknesses, this could drastically improve the way I function at home and school. I strongly believe that if I continue down this path of learning and expand on this information I will get far in my life and many others will as well that are part of this program. This is what I need for my future development and I hope to pass it onto future students in the schooling system.

– Matthew, 15
“Making school a more effective place to learn…”

The knowledge from the 2 sessions alone, which is only the tip of the iceberg, has allowed me to accept myself and others coming to more peace with my potential and physical health. If precision learning and understating students and how they learn is applied to schooling it would help students LEARN rather than just REMEMBER information, therefore making school a more effective place to learn because it can create long turn knowledge and understanding rather than just remembering something for a test.

– Declan, 15

Precision Learning: The New Era of Education

Educators are already stretched to differentiate student learning, and have lacked the time, resources, training, and support to implement true precision learning into classroom life. Until now.

With the recent advancements in science and technology, we can now quantify the unique learning and behavioral profiles of each unique child to provide a clear path and direction for their optimal learning journey in the classroom and beyond. 

And with the recent application of AI, we are able to support Educators with this information in real-time, on-demand, in the palm of their hands, when and where they need it most. 

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Precision Learning Is Global

We believe that every unique student has the right to learn and grow in a way that works for them to feel safe, seen, understood, accepted and supported. 

We see the future of education returning back to the reason it exists in the first place – to provide each student with the unique learning experiences required to support their optimal growth and development, to facilitate engagement and connection, and to empower a healthy and happy life journey.

Are you ready to discover how Precision Learning can support your unique students?

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