Personalised Research

Contribute to the end of chronic disease & pain by 2050

Why Contribute to Personalised Research?

Everyone is unique and understanding what you need as an individual is worth researching. The more we know about individuals the more individuals we can help, right around the world. Not only are you contributing to the most powerful research, you also receive incredible benefits as a thank you for your time and efforts.

Why is Personalised Research So Important?

The personalised research effort is all about making sure that everyone has access to the information that is going to create their best health.

Research that is relevant for everyone

Most research collected over the last 50 years has been based on the ‘average’ person, or finding the common answer that suits the majority. In some cases not apply to a group of people called non-responders, which can be up to 40% in some studies..

Make a difference to your own health

Every bit of research actually improves the ph360 platform, allowing you to get even more out of the insights

Make personalised health more powerful

Every time you contribute to the research effort, we are able to understand even more about how health and disease are balanced. The more details on conditions, genetics and health markers, the greater the effects from ph360 for you and your family.

What a Research Effort Can Create

See the results of previous studies in reversing chronic disease, improving body composition and increasing feelings of wellness in over 1690 people over 4 years.

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Current Research You Can Participate In


HealthTypes and Health Conditions
20- 25min
Online Questionnaire
*Must Have an Active ph360 Profile

In conjunction with the University of QLD, we are researching how each different HealthType can be predictive of different health conditions. Knowing this helps us prevent these conditions even earlier.

Our thank you for your contribution!

For taking the time to contribute to this study, the first 300 respondents will receive a complimentary coaching session with one of the endorsed ph360 health professionals.

Normal value: $79USD; for each of the first 300 contributors: FREE


Improving Health & Reducing Diseases
20- 25min
Online Questionnaire
*Click the button to see if you’re eligible

Choose from three studies to participate in depending on your current health status. We are researching specialized protocols that use the ph360 insights to develop individualized plans for people with a high risk of, and/or have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes Protocol), Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Health Protocol), or for those wanting to enhance their own personal ability to fight viral and bacterial infections (Personal Immunity Protocol).

Apply to Participate Here

Our thank you for your contribution!

For taking the time to contribute, you will receive individualized support throughout the experience, and access to ph360 precision health technology. The Immune Protocol study is currently accepting participants. Applications for the Heart Health and Diabetes protocols are open, and 150 individuals will be selected to begin from Jan 2020.

Normal value: $1000USD; for each contributor: FREE


Natural Fitness Strengths of the HealthTypes
In-Person. Brisbane, QLD

In conjunction with QUT, we are studying the differences in exercise response.

Our thank you for your contribution!

For taking the time to contribute to this study, study participants will receive state-of-the-art fitness testing and a full report of their results. Plus, you will receive a personalised exercise program following the study

Normal value: $300; You receive it for FREE

More Projects Coming Soon

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Introduction to Personalised Health

A fun, friendly way to start the discussion around making health personal.