Precision Learning Your Way

The concept of Precision Learning (PL) and the Learn360 programs can be introduced into your school in a variety of ways. Browse the options below to find the perfect fit for your school or Contact Us to design a program unique to your school.

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Introduction to Precision Learning Seminar


one payment of $997 USD

90 min seminar

90 minute school seminar/workshop on the principles of Precision Learning.

    • Background & science of personalized health sciences
    • HealthType summaries
    • Precision Personalization principles & classroom application

    • Remove the guesswork from knowing students
    • Less stress and tension in the classroom
    • Know what your students need to succeed

Understanding Personalized Learning Workshop


one payment of $1997 USD

Half-day workshop

Half-day school workshop on the principles of personalized learning

    • Everything included in Intro to PL Seminar PLUS
    • Case studies
    • Practical coaching
    • All the benefits of Intro to PL Seminar PLUS
    • Classroom resources

Personalized Learning Masterclass Immersion


one payment of $2997 USD

Full-day masterclass

Full-day immersion workshop on the wonderful world of personalized learning.

    • Everything included in Understanding PL Workshop PLUS
    • Break out groups
    • Immersion workshop
    • All the benefits of Understanding PL Workshop PLUS
    • Exclusive resources

Learn360 Educator Immersion Program


from $14,997 USD

Flagship Program

The Learn360 Personalized Learning program for progressive education, practical implementation and classroom support for all educators.

    • Live 3hr PL immersion workshop each term
    • Progressive PL curriculum for educators with interactive/practical experiential learning sessions
    • Ongoing classroom support for educators (via FB group or similar)
    • Monthly Masterclasses (45 mins x 12 online modules)
    • LMS resource library of PL tips, tools, resources and content for educators
    • Child profiling via ClassMatch™
    • Advanced relevant continuing education
    • Meets CEC requirements
    • Interactive practical learning
    • Ongoing support for educators
    • Central resource library for self-paced learning
    • Understand students and deliver curriculum with a new behavior/learning lens
    • 3yr contract term for consistency, stability and ongoing education that will benefit school, educators, students and families

Learn360 School Immersion Program


from $24,997 USD

Recommended Program

Learn360 Personalized Learning program for progressive education, practical implementation and classroom support for all educators with complementing  education & support for students and parents to provide a cohesive school community.

    • Learn360 Educator Immersion Program PLUS
    • Live student seminars each term
    • Live parent seminars each term
    • HealthType Assessments and Profiling for each student
    • HealthType reports
    • Child profiling resources
    • Includes all updates and upgrades to tech or resources

What Students are Saying About Personalized Learning

“..made me a better person…”

Learning what I have in these sessions has not only made me a better person but has helped me better understand those around me. This is something that simply doesn’t get taught in schools although it is the most important skill in life.

– Jack, 18
“Has helped me improve my relationships and be more self-aware …”

From these sessions I’ve learnt that it is important to have some understanding on why people do the things they do based on biology. Understanding people’s differences and why they are the way they are has helped me improve my relationships and be more self-aware of my actions and behaviours.

– Ashlyne, 18
“It has a positive impact on mental health …”

I think that when someone understands who they are and why they do it, it has a positive impact on mental health which sadly is a massive issue in today’s society. I believe that if this information was introduced to the education system it will help raise students’ mental health which is one of the most important issues that we currently need to address as a society.

– Luke, 16
I am unique and special in my own way…”

I truly believe that if I had been taught this younger I could have saved many relationships lost to small issues and more importantly helped me understand who I really am at a younger age. It has helped me understand that I am unique and special in my own way and also helped me unlock how I work most effectively which could’ve made a huge difference in my educational journey.

– Tim, 17
“I believe all teachers should know this…”

I believe all teachers should know this type of information so they are able to understand their students at a deeper level. I think everyone is capable of being successful in school however some people just require different approaches.!

– Lily, 15
“This would be extremely beneficial for parents…”

This would be extremely beneficial for parents as many struggle relating with their kids especially their teenage years as they are going through stages of independence, etc. The better parents understand their kids the better their relationships will be.

– Seth P, 16
“This information has inspired me and many of my peers…”

I think all teachers must be educated on this because this information has inspired me & many of my peers. As well as focusing on my strengths rather than weaknesses, this could drastically improve the way I function at home and school. I strongly believe that if I continue down this path of learning and expand on this information I will get far in my life and many others will as well that are part of this program. This is what I need for my future development and I hope to pass it onto future students in the schooling system.

– Matthew, 15
“Making school a more effective place to learn…”

The knowledge from the 2 sessions alone, which is only the tip of the iceberg, has allowed me to accept myself and others coming to more peace with my potential and physical health. If personalised learning and understating students and how they learn is applied to schooling it would help students LEARN rather than just REMEMBER information, therefore making school a more effective place to learn because it can create long turn knowledge and understanding rather than just remembering something for a test.

– Declan, 15

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