Introducing Personalised Health

Join Bex, co-founder of ph360 and Shae, for a simple introduction to Personalised Health, from what it is to how you can get started! You’re six short videos away from transforming your life! Simply enter your email address to watch now for FREE!


Take the HealthType Test

Should you sleep in or get up at the crack of dawn? Is protein right at night or lunchtime? Is exercising in the morning or afternoon going to help you achieve your goals? It’s these simple choices that can make all the difference in your health and well being. But which to choose?

Simply find out your HealthType for the answers! Take the 3-minute quiz for everything you need to start your journey to optimal health!

Personalised Health Education

Delve deep into the science and practical application of personalisation. From health enthusiasts and wellness warriors to medical and health professionals, we have the courses, training and education pathways suitable just for you!

Transforming your Personal Health

Whether it’s achieving your goals at the gym with ShaeFit, creating a fulfilling workplace with ShaeWellness or having your Virtual Health Assistant on hand 24/7 with Shae, now is the time to take your health, happiness and well-being to the next level. It’s to to make it personal.

Want a Personal Health Coach to help get started?

Sometimes it’s easiest when someone else is right there for you, guiding you through step-by-step, ready and willing to answer all your questions, talk through your thoughts and help with some motivation along the way. That’s where your Personalised Health Coach can help you see the results you want.

Introduction to Personalised Health

A fun, friendly way to start the discussion around making health personal.