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About Time for Amazing Relationships?

  • Get to know yourself again. Discover why you think, feel, act & relate the way you do
  • Understand and interact with your partner, kids, parents, and siblings in a whole new way
  • Be seen, heard, acknowledged, and understood for who you are
  • Give and receive mutual love, gratitude, and respect
  • Have more meaningful conversations and connections
  • Change your behavior and discover how those around you can change too
  • Help your children build solid foundations for their future relationships, communications, health, and career.
Foster and build solid relationships with self and others

Relationships360 is an online, self-paced course all about how you relate to the people in your world. You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to make the most of this course – the courseware covers:

  • Parental imprinting
  • Subconscious programming
  • Identity & self-esteem formation
  • Sibling interactions
  • Child-Parent relations
  • Colleague connection
  • Dating the HealthTypes
  • Short and long term matching and intimacy between HealthTypes
  • And so much more!

From Day 1 you will:

  • Take trust and connection to the next level with your loved one
  • Learn how to compassionately get your message heard, and ask for what you need
  • Discover your and your partner’s LOVE languages and the way you both express and respond to love, affection and gratitude
  • Build relationships of appreciation, contentment and passion
  • Have less arguments and more connected conversations
  • Create strong foundations that bear the test and stress of time

Proven Principles for Personalized Behavior Change

The Behavior360 Course leverages the expertise of Dr. Alberto Garoli, along with Anne Larsen and the HealthType lens to provide evidence-based strategies for strikingly effective behavior change results. Specifically designed for Coaching Professionals, this course helps you to better understand your clients motivations, triggers and what makes them jump into action. All while honing your skills and streamlining your tailored coaching.

The game-changer for parents

The Parenting360 online training program helps you practically implement solutions that enable your children, your family and you to thrive in a cohesive, understanding, and supportive family environment.

Parenting360 is not just a course full of helpful new tools to manage your children. It gives you a whole new lens through which to view your child, your family and the relationships you have.

The framework learned in Parenting360 makes all your previous (and future!) learning and experience even MORE valuable so you can effectively support and guide your children the way that is easiest and most effective for them – and you!

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It’s easy to get started

These Courses are for everyone! We welcome individuals of any age, gender, or background who are ready to take their relationships to a whole new level! Discover the secrets behind why HealthTypes are who they are, and how this dictates our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors, and our ultimate interactions with others. 

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Meet your Facilitators

Anne has spent the last 34 years passionately exploring the most successful ways to create change in people’s lives. She has trained as a Mental Health Social Worker, Family Therapist, Narrative Therapist and in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as courses in kinesiology, mindfulness, healing meditations, Psych K and Brain Working recursive Therapy. Anne works collaboratively with people to develop a sense of personal agency that enables them to more fully engage with others and their environment, building a sense of self, place, purpose, belonging and general health and well-being. She has worked extensively with individuals, couples and families. Anne has been a lecturer in a number of accredited counseling courses and a guest lecturer at universities as well as running many educational workshops.

Over the last 23 years Amanda has been working as a Social Worker with families in areas of Trauma, Homelessness, Health, Education, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Justice and Alcohol and Other Drugs. She is passionate about supporting people, especially child/ren and young people, to discover change is possible and realise there are ways to create different outcomes in their lives despite circumstances.

Amanda has personally been following ph360TM for many years but after attending a ph360 retreat in Bali, she deepened her awareness of how to encourage families on their journey in a very unique and personalised way through ph360 and the HealthType lens. She was particularly excited by the new insights it provided for her as a parent to her

3 child/ren and the way it has promoted a greater acceptance and understanding of each family member by knowing their HealthTypes and more about why they live life the way they do. She has also loved how empowered her child/ren have become as they learn more about their own bodies and how and why they are different to their siblings and friends.

It has become her mission to share this incredible and life changing information through Parenting360 with as many families as she can so they too can deepen their understanding of each other, resulting in less battling and more embracing of how each person is naturally designed to be.

Nikki holds Bachelor degrees in Health Sciences, Law and Teaching (Secondary) and is also an endorsed ph360 Personalised Health Coach. Her career in law and teaching has been continually halted by her own parenting journey with her 3 children and so becoming a Parenting360 Facilitator has been a natural evolution in her journey.

Nikki’s middle son has Cerebral Palsy which, unsurprisingly, has
developed within her a deep interest in and passion for neurodevelopment, child development, inclusion and disability. This led her to train in and develop a private practice in primitive reflex integration therapy. The invitation to be involved in the development of Parenting360 was too good an opportunity to give up and felt like a very natural fit and valuable enhancement to her current work with child/ren and families in various settings.

She has a keen interest in supporting people and families to make positive change within their lives and to experience the increased well-being and shift of perceived blocks in their lives due to retained reflexes or sub-optimal health and well-being. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work with families assisting them to realise the individuality of each family member, understand each member’s uniqueness and discover the increased health and happiness that’s achievable regardless of how entrenched or unchangeable things may seem.

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