Relationships360 - Your Next Steps

Your course is confirmed. We’re excited you are joining us!

What Comes Next?

Assess Your HealthType

Get an accurate reading of your phenotype with the thorough ph360 assessment and discover your HealthType.

Tailor Your Course

Ensure that you make the most of Relationships360 by tailoring the course to how your HealthType responds to other people.

Delve Deep into Relationships

Discover how your unique mind works and influences how you interact and respond in your relationships and so much more.

What’s in the box?

Your Relationships360 course includes:

  • Full ph360 assessment for your unique Phenotype and your HealthType
  • 1 month ph360 membership with access to your personalised health profile (Value $85) and Shae app
  • Complete Relationships360 Online Course  (Value $297)
  • 3.5 hour Virtual Masterclass (Value $197)

Step 1:

Assess your HealthType


If you own a ph360 account then simply login and tap the profile picture at the top right of the screen to see your HealthType.


If you are brand new to all of this then follow the steps below to set up your bonus ph360 account and do your assessment.

1 Click here to sign up to ph360 and create your account.
2Follow the prompts to create your avatar. The thorough assessment takes around 30 minutes so be sure to set aside some time. You’ll need to know your current height and weight and have a soft tape measure handy to take your measurements.
3Once your assessment is complete, tap your profile pic at the top right of the screen and view your newly assessed HealthType.

Step 2:

Tailor your Relationships360

Complete the form below to receive login details to a Relationships360 Course that is tailored specifically to your HealthType and the way you ‘do’ life.

Your Relationships360 Course is hosted on a website called Teachable and all login details will be emailed to you once you submit the form above!

NOTE: If you are a Health Coach and have purchased multiple courses, or if you have purchased multiple courses as gifts, please email us at [email protected] so our team can get you set up!

Step 3:

Delve Deep into your Relationships

Your Online Relationships360 Course contains all you need to delve into your relationships with children, siblings, partners and parents including videos, workbooks, and activities.

Be sure to check the Masterclass timetable for the next Masterclass dedicated entirely to your HealthType and maintaining the healthy, loving and supportive relationships you desire.

Join the Community

Join us on Social Media to connect with others who are also experiencing the Relationships360 journey,  experts, and your facilitators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I benefit from the course if my partner doesn't want to do it?

You will definitely benefit from this course even if your partner decides not to do it with you. You will have new knowledge about yourself and others and this will impact how you relate to those around you. You can begin creating behaviours and solutions to improve all of your relationships

I’m not currently in a relationship - will this course still be relevant for me?

Yes this course is relevant for anyone who interacts with any people in any setting. With a new understanding of how you think and feel as well as super charging your understanding of others and how to optimize your relationships. The course specifically focuses on parent/child and sibling relationships as well as intimate partner relationships and the information is applicable to any human interaction.

Can I join the Masterclass if I want to listen but not contribute to the conversation?

We would love you to be part of the conversation however it is completely your choice as to whether you participate. You are very welcome in the Masterclass even with your camera and your microphone turned off. You will still find it a great value for your learning.

Can I join the Masterclass for my partner’s HealthType?

If you and your partner have enrolled in your HealthType courses you are very welcome to join the Masterclass together. This will benefit both of you and the other participants!