What is Personalised Learning?

Personalised Learning (PL) works with the knowledge that we are all unique individuals and creates simplified systems for educators to support this within the classroom environment. Using the ground breaking protocols of ph360™, the world’s first health and wellness platform based on Epigenetics, PL uses a simple, evidence-based lens through which we can understand the inherent traits of children and best support their learning needs.

Our Vision for Personalised Learning

We see the future of education returning back to the reason it exists in the first place – to provide each child with the unique learning experiences required to support their growth and development, to facilitate engagement and connection, and to empower a healthy and happy life journey.

Why does learning need to be personalised?

Each child in a classroom is unique and different:

  • They all have different bodies, brains and hormones
  • They all have different needs and wants
  • They all learn differently, and at different paces
  • They will all behave differently, in balance and out of balance
  • They all have natural strengths, and weaknesses
  • They all are motivated by different things, at different times
  • They all have natural tendencies that give us guidance, when an educator is aware, to be able to support them in the best way!

Who benefits from personalisation?

Essential for all schools and educators who wish to implement a personalised approach to each unique child and their optimal learning style and environment:

  • CHILDREN: Understand their different and unique learning styles, comprehension, engagement, communication, natural strengths and languages so they can learn naturally and effectively. 
  • TEACHERS: Gain a new lens, viewing their class in the personalised way, facilitating a student-led personalised learning experience. Answering the question: “Which type of child is in my classroom and how can I best support their unique learning journey?”
  • SCHOOLS: Create the environment for success by integrating movement breaks, mindfulness and lifestyle choices, and even school cafeteria diet choices for students. Support load, stress and lifestyle management for healthy and happy teachers and staff.
  • COMMUNITY: Parents, staff, local community members and beyond are all here for the same reason: healthy, happy children who are learning, growing and achieving in their own unique way. Personalised learning allows for a cohesive, collaborative effort amongst the community.

Personalised Learning is an ecosystem

Children learn from everywhere. PL supports children throughout their life by realising and acknowledging the role of the teacher as co-parent, and striving to ensure each unique child receives consistent support, guidance and feedback throughout their entire learning ecosystem – at school, in the classroom, and at home.

How to get PL started at your school

Personalised Learning may be implemented as a tailored program for your school or educational institute:

  • Introduction to PL: 90 min Workshop for educators.
  • 1-Day PL Masterclass for educators.
  • Online Courses for educators and schools.
  • [email protected]: Scientific assessments for students, classroom application for educators/teachers.
  • Parenting Workshops: For families, connecting school/home life for children.
  • Online courses: For parents and families.

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