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What is personalised health & epigenetics?

Monthly topics that give insight into all of the factors influencing health, disease and outcomes for the individuals you support

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The importance of personalisation

The future practice of health and medicine relies on personalised and precise interventions that look to understand and treat the unique biology of each individual. The study of personalised health and precision medicine need to consider both the internal make-up of the individual, and the influence of, and response to, the environment. An individual’s pathway to disease, health and optimal performance are driven by an interplay of these factors, and treatments are developed through a successful understanding of them.

What do you receive as part of the program?
  • Evidence-based content on foundational principles and latest advances in personalised health
  • Clinical expertise and cases delivered by leading practitioners & professional clinical educators
  • Focus on the entire disease-wellness continuum – disease management to optimising health, wellness and performance
  • 45min sessions each month
  • Live attendance available, with live Q&A
  • Assessment available for each session (if required for CPD points)
  • Multi-disciplinary relevance, aiming to foster improved referrals and networking
  • Access and exclusive offers on further learning pathways in personalised health and precision medicine
  • Networking opportunities with other medical, allied and fitness health professionals

A comprehensive approach to health and disease management

Each individual you support is a complex interconnected biological system. As a result, the entire environment will have an impact on the success or failure of the intervention that you have prescribed. It is common for health professionals to have an incomplete understanding of the factors affecting health outside of their own discipline. However, by not accounting for these other factors, it can reduce the effectiveness of treatment, or in some cases completely eliminate the expected benefits.

By measuring your body, science can assess your current health status.

Science has proven that your lifestyle can affect your health.

ph360 integrates these insights to deliver personalized lifestyle recommendations for your current health status!

Decades of research gathered centuries of data from scientific studies and lifestyle interventions.

Scientific overviews of key topic areas

A foundational evidence-based overview of different areas of science and health

Applied genetics and epigenetics

Gain an understanding of how individual response will be different in relation to:

  • Their genetic profile
  • The impact of the environment on those genes, i.e. epigenetics

Live Q&A

Participate in live discussions with the clinical educators and health professionals from all around the world, from all different areas of expertise

Chronobiology, an essential consideration for disease

The science of chronobiology made simple. Understand how the latest evidence in food, exercise and cognitive function timing can dramatically alter the effectiveness of your intervention.

Mindset and Motivation

Gain insights into the biology of behaviour. Upskill in the understanding of brain function, how it varies between individuals and how understanding these differences lead to faster and more sustained behaviour change. Make each minute of your consultation count for more.

Take care like never before

Add an extra level of support to your patients’ interventions and allow Shae to provide around the clock support to your clients through push notifications and health reminders specific to their needs. As a medical practice, gain clinical access to see each patient’s personalised data and communicate in real time.

Who is this program designed for?

Each episode contains 45min of evidence-based science pertaining to a different area or principle of health. It also includes live Q&A from a multi-disciplinary audience to broaden the learning experience for every attendee.

  • Dietitians & Nutritionists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses & Practice Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Dental Practitioners
  • Social Workers
  • Naturopaths
  • Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Pharmacists & assistants
  • Practice & PHN/PHO Personnel
  • Scientists & Researchers
  • Academics & Educators
  • Other Allied Health Professionals

A brief overview of the program

Personalised Nutrition - One Man's Cure is Another Man's Poison

A deep dive on the latest evidence in personalised nutrition, the impact of genetics, phenotype, environment, food and food quality on metabolism and health for individuals.

Precision Fitness - Treating & Training Your Unique Body

This session will move through the biological considerations for intensity, modality, frequency and circadian rhythms in best outcomes from exercise.

Evolving Minds - an Insight into Your Client's Unique Mind

The biology, structure and function of the brain varies for each individual. This session will explain the latest findings from behavioural genetics and the evolving understanding of epigenetics and changing gene expression and its relationship with personality and perception

Lifestyle Medicine - Evidence-based Prevention & Treatment for Reversible Diseases

The environment around us (including food, fitness, social, mental, environmental) has the greatest influence on our health and disease. Personalised lifestyle medicine holds the key to preventing and reversing disease while simultaneously promoting optimal health and performance. This session will discuss the journey from non-responders to best outcomes and disease reversal

Mental Health - a Personalised Approach

1 in 5 individuals have a clinical diagnosis of depression or anxiety, while the majority of individuals will experience elements of those conditions in their life. Discover the predispositions and differing treatment options for different individuals utilising nutrition, movement, sleep, psychotherapy and environmental considerations

Sleep Medicine - Health, Hygiene & Routines

Sleep is our greatest regulator of stress, recovery and growth. Understand the effects of sleep on all systems of the body, the importance of circadian rhythms, and the importance of personalised considerations in optimising sleep for each individual

Mastering Stress - Management for the 3 Phases of Stress

Stress is a key driver of growth and disease. The difference between these outcomes is a matter of balancing the time, intensity and duration of stress. This session will unpack the causes, physiology, assessment and treatment of stress in individuals and how individual considerations need to be made

Love as Medicine - Re-balancing Hormones for Health

Social interaction and connection is vital to quality of life and health. Our experience of connection, the physiological response and its potential use as a therapy is powerful, so long as individual difference is recognised as

Personalised Learning - Feeding Our Unique Biology & Psychology
Brain Health - Quantifying Unique Brains, Tends & Trends
Epigenetics - the Science of Environment & Lifestyle
The Science of Happiness - Quantifying Genius, Purpose & Flow

Professional Medical Series

Each session aims to:

  • A brief & relevant overview of the literature pertaining to the specific personalised health topic
  • An understanding of how individuality is related to the topic
  • Discuss the role of genomics, its influence on interpretation of the literature and clinical considerations that stem from an understanding of inter individual variability
  • Discuss epigenetic phenomena, aka, phenomics, and how changes in gene expression can be factored in to consider an individuals needs in their current state of health
  • Case studies and practical examples to support the learning process
  • Interactive LIVE Q&A with the presenters to develop a greater understanding of the topic