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What is ph360?

ph360 is the world’s most advanced personalised health technology

With education at its core, the ph360 team provide world class education for fitness, health and medical professionals

This is the future of health available now!


Understand the basics of personalised health and phenotypology

These easy & fast videos will help you get an understanding of how health programs are being re-imagined with a better understanding of the client

ph360 & FTI - the introduction

World class functional training meets world leading personalised health education and technology.

Have a watch or listen to Tarek and ph360 lead educators, Dr Cam and Kyle, talk about personalised health in the space of fitness and health.

This is the first in a series of resources that will be made available through this fantastic partnership, where we are truly supporting health and fitness professionals to live their potential and support others in doing the same.

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Attend the ph360 ½ Day Workshop

ph360 Presents: The Power of

Learn the foundational principles in personalised health science. Discover why your clients behave, react and respond so differently to your coaching and programming.

The FTI tribe deal
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Personalized Results & Retention

Understand the behaviors, brains and motivating drivers in each of your clients allowing you to create personalized adherence strategies to maximize results and retention.


No More Cookie-Cutter Approches

Why there is NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program that will work for everyone and what to do to provide personalized results.


It Is More Than Excercise & Nutrition

The Impact chronobiology, climate, social life, environment and stress can have on the results of our clients.


Cutting Edge Tech

Health technology currently available that enables Health and Fitness Practitioners around the world to confidently and accurately account for their clients unique genetic and ever-changing epigenetic needs!

Become an endorsed

ph360 Health Professional


Phase 1: Mastery Series Foundations (Online)
  • Learn the science of personalised health
  • Understand how environmental factors outside of exercise and nutrition affect each clients health differently.
  • How to objectively measure your clients HealthType


Phase 2: 2-Day Live Event
  • Deepen your understanding of personalised health principles
  • Discover your unique HealthType and coaching style
  • The latest personalised health technology and how to use in your business


Phase 3: Mastery in Practice
  • Live mentoring and advanced learning modules
  • A ph360 health coaching framework to use in your business
  • Join a community of leading fitness, allied and medical professionals.
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FTI and ph360 content

We are joining forces to create some fully personalised FTI content that will change the way you look at every client - in a good way