What is Parenting360?

Parenting360 is not just a course full of helpful new tools to manage your children. It gives you a whole new lens through which to view your child, your family and the relationships you have.

The framework learned in Parenting360 makes all your previous (and future!) learning and experience even MORE valuable so you can effectively support and guide your children the way that is easiest and most effective for them – and you!

Through the understanding of inherent physiological traits – including communications, daily biorhythms, intrinsic motivations, preferred rewards, natural tendencies and even brain and body fuel – Parenting360 gives you the techniques to confidently tackle daily routines.

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Transform mealtimes, bedtimes and daily routines

What will I learn?

You know those simple things that can seem like a struggle every single day? Well, they no longer need to be that way. Using what you learn in Parenting360, you can:

  • Understand why some children like to eat breakfast and others don’t and ways to manage this for each child
  • Discover why some children seem to take FOREVER to get ready or follow instructions and others have everything completed and are onto the next task
  • Unravel why one child may love cuddles and affection and another isn’t interested in that type of connection at all even though they’ve been parented in the same way
  • Know why some children wake up early and cannot stop moving all day long whereas others start the day much slower and prefer an easy-going pace
  • Finally enjoy bedtime! The end of the day can often seem challenging for parents but when you know what your child’s body actually needs to wind down it can become a wonderful way to finish the day

Even though as a parent you know your child well, Parenting360 assists you to find out why your child moves, thinks, plays, learns, sleeps, eats, socialises & makes the choices they do. 

The program can help you discover the most effective ways to show love, provide discipline, celebrate special occasions, enhance each child’s energy levels and so much more.

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Your self-paced, online Parenting360 program includes:
  • 7 separate learning modules to help you fully understand and implement the framework
  • Video, audio and written content to suit your time and preference
  • Full instructions to help you make the most of your course
  • Course available online 24/7
  • Downloadable full course workbook
  • Prompted reflections to understand your family more
  • Practical activities you can do with your children or parenting partner
  • Online support group to share your learning, learn from other peoples experiences and be supported as you learn
  • 3 month ph360 and Shae membership to access your personalized health profile
  • Professional assessments of your children by the ph360 Science Team
  • Your HealthType Test Report
  • Complete eBook – HealthTypes: A beginner’s guide

Total value $592 Course Price $297

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Who is Parenting360 for?

Parenting360 is for parents, grandparents or those in roles of nurturing children and young people, who:

  • Want to provide the most supportive environment to grow, learn and develop
  • Feel like they are giving their all but not seeing the results they hope for
  • Find themselves exhausted mentally and physically during family duties
  • Are struggling to connect with their children
  • Want to understand more about why their child does what they do to help embrace who they are uniquely born to be

If any of these sound familiar, this is your chance to understand what is happening and how to make it all work.

More about the course

The Parenting360 Online Course is designed to be completed over 7 weeks to ensure enough time to put it all into practice but the beauty of an online course means that how long you take to finish it is entirely up to you! The course includes the knowledge, tools and resources covering:

The way we use our food, movement, environment, relationships, mindfulness and natural talents all influence the way we communicate, learn and interact on a daily basis but small changes in specific areas can help some thrive more than others. Find out which areas of lifestyle will have the greatest impact on you and your family members.

Providing the right fuel and the right schedule that matches your unique chronobiology allows the body to function at it’s best with enhanced cognition, balanced hormones and optimal energy levels.

Supporting the natural talents and movement patterns of family members creates a harmonious environment where each individual, including parents, are able to thrive.

From the easiest bedtime routine right through to chore motivations, each child responds differently. Understand the natural rhythms of your family and how to encourage and reward collaborative behaviour.

There are many well-documented learning styles and these can be applied even more supportively when understanding your unique child’s brain patterning, mental preferences and hormones.

Tone of voice, volume, words, all allow your child to understand your expression but for some, verbal communication is simply not effective. Discover the unique, inherent ways your family show love, receive appreciation and interact with the world.

The vast styles of parenting can be supportive to some and not to others, based on the natural characteristics of both parents and children. Apply what you have already learned, and what you will continue to learn, through the lense of personalisation.

Change in life is constant and each of us handles the stressor differently. Managing the release and build up of stress for each individual at home allows you to maintain a harmonious family life that extends well beyond the threshold of home.

What Parents are Saying About Parenting360

“We could almost see burdens visibly lifting from them…”

In talking to our children about their HealthTypes, even at their young age (8 & 6), we found it really resonated with them and they were able to confirm a lot of the things we talked about. We could almost see burdens visibly lifting from them too, as they began to feel more free to be themselves.

– Jonathan, Crusader Dad
“How as parents we can embrace (and not squash) habits …”

I have learned so much through the Parenting360 course about myself, my children and how our family operates. It has been like putting on a pair of 3D glasses, and seeing the third dimension of our family for the first time! The course has helped me to better understand my children and their individual needs, and how as parents we can embrace (and not squash) habits that are uniquely theirs.

– Meg,  Diplomat Mum
“Why my children respond in particular ways…”

The program has enabled me to understand the individuals in our household. How each of us approaches family life and the emphasis we place on this. I have gained a greater understanding as to why my children respond in particular ways and how I can parent with more positive outcomes. I highly recommend this program… Thank you ph360 team for helping our family!

– Vicki, Guardian Mum
“Good interaction and sharing between participants…”

Really enjoyed hearing real life examples from presenters of personal implementation and their results. This facilitated good interactions and sharing between participants.

– Tina, Connector Mum
“Feeling so much more like a valued part of our family…”

I can tell our Connector child is feeling so much more like a valued part of our family. I have learned about the ways I can really encourage her and bring her joyful nature to life.

– Sensor Mum
“Has felt like a revelation…”

I always felt like I really understood my son, but felt like I could never quite ‘figure out’ my daughter. I always subconsciously assumed that my daughter was going to be a ‘mini me’, that we would naturally like all the same things and think the same way, and being able to not just accept, but celebrate the fact that she is completely unique, and different to me in so many ways has felt like a revelation.

– Meagan, Activator Mum

Why would I choose to enrol in Parenting360?

1The program is delivered and facilitated by Personalized Health and Education professionals and Parents who have implemented successful personalization strategies with their children and family.
2You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the results – you can put the practical learning activities to use immediately and watch the difference in your family dynamics.
3Find the unique, supportive community that understands what it’s like to be you, a parent and a child all at the same time!
4Be supported 24/7 with the incredible technology of ph360 to help you navigate your own optimal way of being healthy and happy.
5Use Parenting360 as a new lens to enhance the knowledge from every other parenting technique, book or seminar and use most effectively with your specific family.

Our Driving Force

Parenting360 is driven by passionate individuals working together to help support the development and growth of our families around the world.

Our Mission

To support the development of unique, confident and compassionate young people by enabling parents with the knowledge and resources to nurture children and the family unit with solid and healthy foundations through personalization.

Our Vision

An inclusive community where parents, children and loved ones grow up feeling understood, accepted and supported. A society where each individual has the opportunity and encouragement to thrive in their natural body and talents.

Our Values

Personalization of lifestyle, health and learning; Open and honest communication without judgement; A safe, supportive and fun learning environment; The support and collaboration of individuals to create the greatest success for the whole.

Learn at a pace that suits you and your family

“The overarching mission for ph360 is to lead to major breakthroughs and application in the reversal of chronic disease and pain by the year 2050.”

Matt Riemann

Founder ph360

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