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Get to know what’s coming and read the FAQs for answers to lots of common questions.

Create ph360 Profile

Create your ph360 profile or request to add “Children” if you have a current membership.

Scientific Assessment

Upload your child/ren’s video for scientific assessment of their HealthType.

Step 1: What’s in the box?

Your Parenting360 Course includes:

  • 3 month ph360 membership: access to your personalised health profile (Value $85) and Shae app
  • Child Assessments by ph360 Science Team (Value $97)
  • Parenting360 Course Workbook (Value $97)
  • HealthType Test Report (Value $13)
  • 7 Life-Changing Modules (Value $697)
  • Supportive Online Community (Invaluable!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Your registration with ph360 and the registration/s of your child/ren are the only required preparation however you will receive some videos in your course resources to get familiar with the ph360 concepts before you start. These are not compulsory but are helpful in making the most of the program.

Your weight is one of the many elements that is involved with designating your accurate HealthType. Your ph360 HealthType is based on complex ratios involving 17 measurements of your body. This gives us a clear, objective reading and an accurate HealthType.

Food is an important part of everyday life and so is the main content of one session. The focus areas for the other six sessions includes Lifestyle Priorities, Strengths, Genius, Movement, Chronobiology, Dominant Hormones, Choices, Behaviour and Rewards, Sleep, Natural Energy Levels, The Unique Mind, Social Interactions, Environmental Factors, Resilience and Different Parenting Styles.

No! You will discover there are many changes you can make regarding food in your family without having to change the actual food your family is eating. Parenting360 will cover food principles for each HealthType. Additionally, it is highly likely many of the meals you are cooking for your family are good and may just need some tweaking or substitution of ingredients to make them great!

This is a course that will involve children but they do not need to work through the material with you as it has been prepared for adults. Other family members or caregivers involved in your child’s life may find the content in this course just as interesting, insightful and helpful and are welcome to join you but this is optional.

It is great if your whole family is keen to get on board with the personalized guidance of ph360 and you are encouraged throughout the course to regularly share the information with your family, however the course is still powerful and effective if they don’t. As parents there are many changes we can make to our families and households based upon the principles of ph360 without the necessity of everyone having a ph360 profile or actively following their HealthType recommendations. Often the most powerful part of Parenting360 is the understanding it brings to the household through the HealthType lens.

ph360 membership and personalised personal profiles are currently only available for adults. The global ph360 Science and Medical teams have been working for many years to prepare this platform to be able to provide children with unique and personalised health profiles in the future. During the course, information is tailored to children’s HealthTypes.

Simply login or if you have troubles with your password, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Your child is not a HealthType, they are an individual. Any individual’s development is impacted by a myriad of factors, the HealthType being a foundation factor to consider. ph360’s HealthTypes are determined by the size, stature, structure and formation of the body to give a foundational understanding of a person’s biology. This HealthType information will give you a general overview of your child, regardless of diagnoses or disabilities, and the things that may be healthy for their mental and physical health.

The HealthType application won’t change or solve diagnosed conditions, but it can provide an incredible insight for you and your child when used as a lens over your approach to all aspects of care for your child. For example, you may have a child with communication challenges who is a Sensor HealthType, so you would be mindful of important priorities like their need for mental stimulation, a warm, soothing environment and well cooked foods.

During the Parenting360 Course, as you learn about and become mindful of supporting your child’s key Lifestyle Priorities, your child will experience reduced pressure physically and emotionally and their system will be allowed the chance to operate with the least amount of stress at all times. This can be a game changer for their whole day when their lifestyle and environment reflects is most supportive of their biology and HealthType.

In the case of any diagnosed mental or physical health conditions or if you have any concerns about your child, we recommend you seek additional medical advice and support through a consultation with a trained medical professional for precision medical advice for your child.

The course requires the ph360 Science Team to assess your child’s bone structure (size of feet, hands, jaw, forehead, knees, ankles, calf muscles, shoulder width, etc.) via video to determine their Primary, Secondary and Tertiary HealthType and provide you with the profile needed to undertake the course.

We recommend you allow 45 minutes to complete your registration for your ph360 profile and 20 minutes per child to upload the video and complete the questionnaire.

No. If you already have a ph360 account all you need to do is send your username and the email address connected to your account to [email protected] and we will arrange for the ‘Children’ function to be added to your current profile after you have purchased a Parenting360 Course.

All parents and caregivers are welcome to register – the choice is entirely yours. If both do want to have access to their own personalised profile, there is a Special Offer available for parenting partners in the course resources you will receive after you have made a purchase.

You only need to enter your child/ren’s data into one parents profile.

If you would like your children to be assessed, we suggest that they be no younger than 2 years old. However if you would like to purchase the course as a parent-to-be, carer or health professional, you may still do so without child assessments.

There are many other ways to extend your learning about ph360 and Personalised Health including through your ph360 profile resources, Shae resources and Health Professional Network Courses. You can find out more here.

The most accurate way of finding out your HealthType is from completing your ph360 profile which involves taking accurate measurements and answering the questionnaire. If you haven’t resonated with your HealthType from the free HealthType Test then complete your full ph360 profile and check by clicking in the top right hand corner to see what HealthType is given. We are all unique and have elements of other HealthTypes in us. Often, we have a predominant or primary HealthType and then a secondary HealthType. Furthermore, throughout our life we may swing about 30 degrees around the HealthType circle. At different times of life we may exhibit elements of a particular HealthType more strongly than at other times. The most important thing to remember is that your ph360 profile offers you guidance on the input your body requires for the most optimal health at this point in time. It is a dynamic platform and as you update your measurements, your profile’s guidance may change.

No, the ‘Special Offer’ is only available for a parenting partner or another caregiver who is having the same child/ren assessed. A friend will require a separate assessment process for their own children and will therefore need to purchase the course for their family.

We take the privacy and security of all our customers very seriously and especially when it comes to children as their safety across all platforms is a priority.

With Parenting360, you own your data and are in full control of your data and who has access to it at any time. Your information (and your children’s) is 100% safe and secure as Parenting360 upholds international cyber security standards including both HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements.

The HealthType profiling for children is conducted by the ph360 Science Team, who are fully qualified health professionals holding the “Working with Children Check” from the Australian Department of Human Services.

Because you are in control of your data, it is up to each parent if they choose to keep their child’s information in the ph360 system to compare as they grow throughout their life, or delete it upon completion of your Parenting360 Course.

Please read the ph360 Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Policy for more in-depth information here

Step 2: Create your ph360 profile

If you do not already have a ph360 profile, create your personalised ph360 profile by completing your health assessment:

1Contact your facilitator to sign up to ph360 or email [email protected]
2Allow 30 minutes to create your profile following the instructions
3Email us your username to add the ‘Children’ function to your account
4Download the Shae mobile app and turn on your notifications

If you already have a ph360 account all you need to do is send your username and the email address connected to your account to [email protected] and we will arrange for the ‘Children’ function to be added to your current profile.

Step 3: Assess your child’s HealthType

How to upload your child/ren’s information:

1Click on the blue circle in the top right of your ph360 profile
2Choose ‘My Account’
3Click on ‘Children’ from the menu on left side
4Choose ‘Add a Child’ in blue on the right side
5Complete the required measurements and questionnaire about your child


Upload your child’s video as per instructional video below. It is required as MP4 or AVI (you can convert videos via Wondershare or the like).  A child’s HealthType is determined by a child’s bone structure and body ratios involving the forehead, jaw, neck, shoulder width, hands, hips, feet, ankles, calf muscles etc. It is therefore essential that your 5-10 second video is in accordance with the following requirements for the Science Team to complete HealthType assessments. Please watch the example video first.  

  • 5-10 second video of each child turning really slowly
  • Child looking at camera, whole body in footage, arms by their side
  • No shoes, socks, hats, scarfs
  • Wearing fitted clothes eg. singlet and bike shorts (not baggy/loose)


Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions to proceed


If you have multiple children, please choose ‘Add a Child’ again and complete the above process for each child.


Your child’s HealthType assessment results will be available in your ph360 app online within 14 days. You will find it in the same ‘Children’ section in ‘My Account’ where you uploaded your information. You will receive a confirmation email once the assessment is complete.


Please use the Parenting360 Facebook Group for communications if you have questions regarding this process.


Congratulations on completing all the required steps!!

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