Why you?

Your unique contributions can have an impact on families all around the world!

Parenting360 is provided internationally by health & family professionals trained in personalization and the Parenting360 model. Each Parenting360 Facilitator and Coach has their own unique flavour, style and, of course, experiences to share.

Your passion and genius can change lives!

We love that family is your passion and that supporting parents, carers and children sets your heart on fire! Thank you for joining our team of Parenting360 providers around the globe by adding Parenting360 to your services as a Facilitator or a Coach.

What’s in the box?

Your Parenting360 Initial Facilitator or Coach Registration payment includes:

  • Your first Annual Registration Fee
  • All of your application, training, assessment and accreditation processes
  • Access to Parenting360 Resources including updates and promotional material
  • Content that is ready for you to personalize and roll out in your community
  • Support Group so you can reach out when you need a hand
  • Webpage promotion of your courses, services and business
  • Exclusive access to Parenting360 Online Course Tokens to package your services and offerings
  • You choose how much you want to grow your business
  • Certificate of completion of Facilitator or Coach Training Course
  • Full support in Child Assessments by ph360 Science Team – get all the information you need to be able to support children, parents and carers

This is your opportunity to evolve or expand your business to a whole new level!

What comes next?

  • Upload your Blue Card/Working With Children Check/Police Clearance here
  • Please read the following:
    • ph360 Privacy Policy here
    • Parenting360 Policy and Procedures here
  • Facilitators please read, acknowledge and sign that you agree to:
    • Parenting360 Facilitator Agreement here
  • Coaches please read, acknowledge and sign that you agree to:
    • Parenting360 Coach Agreement here
Pay your Initial Registration Fee:

The Impact of Personalized Health for Families

We can’t wait to be part of a world where each adult knows who they are and what is good for them to be healthy and happy.

A world where they know what their children need, how to connect and communicate with them, and the best way to understand and support them to be the best versions of themselves.

A world where parenting and co-parenting is built on the foundations of conscious communication, collaboration and community where all parties are on the same team – with love at the core, acceptance and empowerment as its drivers, and a family unit that is set for a happy, healthy, long and fulfilling life together.

We are ready to make this happen by sharing the Parenting360 message with every family on the planet, thank you for joining us!

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