You can change lives.

With supportive and practical coaching you can enhance family dynamics and impact the next generation to recognize and work with their innate talents, preferences and strengths.

Become a Parenting360 Coach

We are looking for passionate individuals with a vision to provide personalized support and education to families around the world.

What does a Parenting360 Coach do?

A Parenting360 Coach takes the business of supporting families to be happy and healthy into their own hands.

  • Coaches and encourages children and adults to thrive.
  • Incorporates Parenting360 as an added option in their services.
  • Plans their own appointments and 1:1 sessions.
  • Shares the Parenting360 vision with potential participants.
  • Ensures excellent communication and support for participants pre, during, and post the coaching relationship.

What do I get as a Parenting360 Coach?

  • Online, self-paced support training – know how and what to provide.
  • Coaches Support Group – so you can reach out when you need a hand.
  • Full access to Parenting360 coaching resources including updates – always be at the forefront of research.
  • Content that is ready for you to personalize and roll out in your own community.
  • Options to package your services and offerings by purchasing Parenting360 Online Course Tokens
  • You choose how much you want to grow your business.
  • Full support in child assessments – get all the information you need to be able to support children, parents and caregivers.

How to Get Started as a Parenting360 Coach



Be familiar with the concept and program of Parenting360. The best way to do this is to complete the program yourself.



Use the knowledge from the course to enhance your own family dynamics or clients and see it work from the inside.



Support others to live a fulfilled and happy family life by sharing the Parenting360 knowledge as a Coach.

The Parenting360 Coach Journey

Parenting360 Coaches need a level of knowledge in Personalized Health and HealthTypes, along with some experience in delivering training to individuals or families. To get started, simply:

  • Simply complete the application form online at the link below.
  • Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you to set up a virtual interview where we can get to know you better and how you might fit in the role. 
  • This is a great opportunity to meet the Parenting360 Team and ask any other questions you have about the Coaching role.

You don’t necessarily need to bring anything along but be prepared with answers to questions like:

  • Why would you like to be a Parenting360 Coach?
  • Are you wanting to work with children, parents/caregivers or both?
  • What is your coaching experience in this area?
  • How do you see Parenting360 fitting with your current services?
  • What kind of growth pathway do you see for yourself and your business?

Parenting360 Coaches need to understand the concept and mechanics of Personalized Health and HealthTypes. Therefore, it is essential to have completed:

  • The Parenting360 Coach Training
  • Hold a current Blue Card/Police Convictions Check/WWCC
  • The ph360 Mastery Series

If you haven’t already, book yourself into a ph360 Mastery Series so that you understand and are confident with these mechanics.

This is self-paced and online so you can work through in your own time. The Parenting360 Coach and Facilitator Support Group is there for you when you need it to ask questions, get clarification or to bounce ideas with other Coaches and Facilitators.

You will pay a one-time registration fee of USD$197 to establish your Parenting360 Coach accreditation and receive access to the training and resources. This is followed (in 12 months time) by an annual recurring fee of USD$97. The registration and annual fees ensure that you have access to coaching resources, support and are publicly listed in the ph360 network of Endorsed Parenting360 Coaches.

Your clients (or the parent/caregiver of your client if under 18) will purchase the Parenting360 Online Course where they can access information about ph360 and the unique HealthType of each family member. As a Coach, you can choose how you want to support them to navigate the courseware. It can be tailored in a variety of ways to suit a Coaches preference including:

  • The parent/caregiver might complete the course independently alongside coaching sessions with you/their child
  • As a coach you might work through the course content with several family members or in 1:1 coaching sessions
  • The child’s HealthType assessment results may be used solely to inform your coaching/support sessions without the adult working through the course content
  • You might purchase Parenting360 Online Course Tokens (minimum bundles of 10) and package the course with your other coaching services

It’s important to tailor your coaching in the way that best fits your style, ensuring you give yourself plenty of time to know the content inside-out. If you are thoroughly prepared then you will be able to troubleshoot circumstances that may arise and ensure the quality standards of Parenting360.

Once you are confident with your skills, it’s time to share the amazing knowledge and practice with your community. Share with your family, friends, clients, local schools, clubs and organizations. You will also be supported by Parenting360, with your photo, profile and coaching services featured as part of the online global promotions.

Integrate Parenting360 coaching into your business – build your community and offer more services with the Parenting360 focus like individual child and parent sessions or family coaching and support.

Become a Parenting360 Coach

Share your passion to support children, parents, caregivers and families around the world to understand themselves and each other in a more personalized way. Join the team today!

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