Children and Young People Change and Grow!

Parenting360 encourages parents and carers to have their child/ren’s HealthType reassessed by the ph360 Science Team if they’ve noticed significant growth and change in the 12 month period after their first assessment. For most children they can be assessed in their primary school age years and then again in their secondary school age years. If a child was assessed when they were pre-school age it is worthwhile having them reassessed again in the following couple of years as they grow so much in that period. Once they turn 18 they can purchase a full adult ph360 profile.

Reassess your Child’s HealthType

Your Child Reassessment payment provides you with access to a complete HealthType Reassessment by the ph360 Science Team for one child. We encourage you to have your child/ren reassessed as they significantly grow and change.

What’s next?

  • Purchase a HealthType Reassessment for one child for $97USD (available only for children previously assessed)
  • Receive an email with instructions and a video about how to update a child’s data in your ph360 profile
  • Complete the Reassessment steps
  • Email [email protected] and advise you have uploaded new data for your child
  • Receive an email from the ph360 Science Team with your child’s HealthType Reassessment results

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“Imagine a world where our children are supported to lead their lives with passion and purpose and are empowered to be themselves without judgement or comparison.. a world where all caregivers can understand themselves, their fellow caregivers, and the differing biological and behavioral needs for each unique child and the best ways to support them to grow in flow. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful world to grow up in?”

Matt Riemann

Founder ph360 & Shae

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