Booking Confirmed

Please check your email for details of your reservation.

What Happens Now?

Your coach will contact you at your appointed time via Skype or Zoom. Please be ready with an internet connection and the program loaded.

What You Will Need to Set Up Profile

  • Laptop/Tablet

  • Internet

  • Soft Tape Measure

  • Current Height

  • Current Weight

What Happens During This Initial NObesity Coaching Session?

Your coach will help you get started including:

  • Registering and setting up your account
  • Helping you do your measurements accurately
  • Showing you your account, what to do and how to prepare for success

Truly Personalised Support is at Hand

If you want more support during your challenge you can choose to have your coach participate with you for greatest success! Here’s what others are saying about their ph360 experience.

Rose Raizman ph360 Experience

Wendy Burke, Naturopath

Tina’s ph360 Experience

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