Practitioner Only Token Packs

Have full flexibility of ph360 profiles for clients. These tokens have no expiry, and can be used at your discretion. Package them with your current services or create a new service for your clients.

Price /token – $49.94
50 Annual Tokens

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Price /token – $79.88
25 Annual Tokens

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Price /token –  $97.00
10 Annual Tokens

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Professional Development in Personalised Health Science & Practice

Learn from the world leading minds in personalised health specific to ph360 and your clients.

Price – $997 
Professional Medical Series (Pro Series) – 3 Days in person

3 Day in person conference with the leading researchers and practitioners using ph360 around the world.

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Price  – $997
Personalised Medicine Professional Development (PMPD)

Join live online monthly with the Chief Medical Research Officer of ph360 to deep dive into the science, ask your questions, have them answered, and get the assistance with managing your cases.

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Price –  $1497
PMPD + Pro Series + 10 Annual tokens

Attend the 3 day Professional Series in-person, join the monthly Personalised Medicine Professional Development Series calls live, plus receive 10 annual tokens to support your clinical application.

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Personalised Health Retreat

Live for your genes and experience the difference. Fully immerse yourself into your body and what it needs for a week of unforgettable epigenetics in practice at an incredible location in South East QLD, Australia (October 10-15th) or Mexico (December 9-14th)

Your clients and ph360 retreats: For each client of yours who attends a retreat, you receive 10% of their total retreat purchase, or buy now at the coaches price and resell to your clients at RRP$6,997.

Price –  $4,997
Personalised Health Retreat + Token Pack

Immerse yourself in full personalisation for 5 nights and 6 days in an incredible environment where you can see and feel what it is like to truly live for your genes. It can be restorative, exciting, energising, relaxed – it will be what your body needs the most.

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Introduction to Personalised Health

A fun, friendly way to start the discussion around making health personal.