Where It All Began

Precision Learning is based on the revolutionary scientific findings and protocols of ph360, the world’s first health and wellness platform based on Epigenetics. It is our intention and our hope that we help provide a framework for understanding and supporting healthy classroom dynamics by understanding yourself, your students, and your colleagues in new and different ways. We hope that you utilize these exciting new discoveries to connect, communicate and collaborate for a healthy and joyful shared life experience.

Our Vision

We see the future of education returning to the reason it came into existence – to provide each child with the unique learning experiences required to support their growth and development, to facilitate engagement and connection, and to empower a healthy and happy life journey for individuals and society.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist educators, schools, parents and communities to enjoy effortlessly supporting learning, growth and development according to the unique needs of each student through simplified systems, training and resources.

Our Values

Precision lifestyle and learning support; Open and honest communication without judgement; A safe, supportive, and fun learning & working environment; The support and collaboration of individuals to create the greatest success for the whole.

Meet the Team

Our team of passionate educators, schools, principals, parents, communities, and students grows by the day so we can’t list them all but scroll down to see the core team that has created the programs of Learn360.

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Matt Riemann

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Rebekah (Bex) Morrison

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Chris Riemann
Learn360 Board

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Dr Cam McDonald
Lead Educator

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Anne Larsen
Lead Counsellor

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Katey Leigh
Global Lead ShaeWellness

Make The Change

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