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1 Strengthening your immune system to maximum capacity reinforces you against all viruses and infections.
2 An immune strengthening protocol tailored to your body is more efficient and effective.
3 Technology is our ally right now, to: Minimize fear and confusion by quickly distributing credible, reliable information on the current status of COVID-19 news Empower the public in daily decision-making with credible, simple and practical guidance on immunity-strengthening activities Provide the connected world access to a digital immune strengthening protocol that is personalized and precise for each individual user Facilitate social connections and minimize the mental and physiological effects of social distance and isolation

We are committed to using technology to build a healthy response to COVID-19 to unite the world with a message of strength. We’re on Team ImmUNITY.

What the experts know

Complete the 10-day immune strengthening protocol developed by Personalized Health Medical and Health Experts currently on-the-ground in the global epicenter of COVID-19 developing immunity solutions for the planet.

What do the experts at the forefront know right now?

1 There are 2 reported strains of COVID-19, L & S, with seemingly more severe symptoms coming from infection of the S strain.
2 Factors that increase the susceptibility of infection include:

  • Advanced age (male and females susceptibility changes from country to country)
  • Signs of sepsis
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, 
  • Immune-suppressed individuals,prolonged use of non-invasive ventilation
  • Patient with co-morbidities such as hypertension, COPD - Patients with chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Oxidative stress (causes inflammation)
3 Young and healthy individuals may experience a range from mild to severe symptoms, however even in the absence of severe symptoms, young individuals can be carriers of the virus.

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Get your FREE 10 Day Immune Booster protocol with step-by-step guidance to prevent and protect against COVID-19


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