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Welcome to Precision health and performance with Hockey NSW supported by the Shae Group

Supporting Athletes and Community

Over the next 12-months we are offering incredible programs that will support athletes, their families, and coaches to understand themselves and each other, and raise the overall wellbeing and performance of our community both on and off the pitch!

Various pathways and packages are available to Hockey NSW performance pathway athletes. Please feel free to browse these opportunities by scrolling down.

All of these details were explained in detail in the recent webinar.  Please scroll down for more information and to make your purchase.

Recommended Programs

Athletes U13 to U18

 YOUTH Profiling (NOTE: Parent/Guardian MUST complete this Profile)
 12-Month HPPE Program

Athletes 18+

  Athlete AI Profile
 12-Month HPPE Program
 Athlete AI Performance Package (contains both Profile AND 12-Mon HPPE)

Parents & Coaching Professionals
Athlete AI Performance Package

The Athlete AI Performance Package includes:

  • Athlete AI profiling with and 12 months access to the platform
  • – The 12-month Holistic Precision Performance Education (HPPE) Program 
  • – Access to the Precision Performance facebook group
US$294 (AU $467)
Athlete AI profiling with

For Athletes 18+ yrs, Parents and Coaches

The assessment and platform provides world-leading insights into precision fitness, nutrition, sleep, behaviour, environment, and social elements of wellbeing and performance.

This interactive and comprehensive platform forms the basis of best performance through optimising physical and mental wellbeing.

The profile provides the world’s leading insights into an individuals health and biological preferences

The assessment provides a precise and personalised output based on the individuals current state of health and activities, including:

  • – Precision nutrition: timing, type, preparation of best foods
  • – Precision exercise: timing, types and specific modalities
  • – Impact of physical environment and optimising it for best energy levels, health and performance
  • – Sleep, career, social insights that support self-awareness and development of mindfulness

The profile and app change in real-time to support the individual with their best health over time. As we change, so do our requirements!

Web and app access.

The platform is currently being used in research for athletes towards the 2032 Olympics and is currently being used in studies to reverse/improve lifestyle conditions.

US$197 (AU $317)
Youth profiling

For Athletes from U13s to <18yrs of age
Recommended for use WITH the HPPE Program

The Youth profile provides information specific to the individual athlete on the topics of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, natural strengths, behavior optimisation, and talents.

The resources are made available through printable or web-viewable documents that support a better understanding of the developing athletes and how they can be supported in a much more personalised way through their athlete and schooling career

*Accessed through the complimentary 3-month PARENT/ADULT profile

This profiling is used by families and schools to support better learning and the overall wellbeing of the individual.


  • – 1 x YOUTH profiling Assessment (Includes complimentary 3 months Shae access for the Parent) 
  • – 1 x General HealthType overview
  • – 1 x YOUTH HealthType Report

NOTE: Parents/Caregivers gain the most insight from this assessment when they are enrolled in the Parenting360 Online Program. 

US$97 (AU $157)
Athlete Holistic Precision Performance Education (HPPE) Program

Developed in collaboration with Director of Performance at HNSW, this 12-month Holistic Precision Performance Education is designed to help develop athletes to be their best on and off the pitch.

This is a must in order to make the most of the profile and to support each athlete to maximise their understanding of themselves and take ownership of their life in and out of their sport.

The sessions are run by Lead Facilitator, Dr Cam McDonald (PhD), and are developed in conjunction with hockey-specific knowledge and experience provided by Brent Livermore.

  • – 12 x 1-hr monthly sessions – live & recorded and made accessible to everyone in the program
  • – Highly practical and interactive
  • – Covering all key topics for general health, wellbeing and sports performance

Topics for 2024 – starting January

  • – Precision nutrition for wellbeing & performance
  • – Understanding precision exercise – when and how to prepare for movement for your body specifically
  • – Optimising Sleep and recovery
  • – Best Mental wellbeing
  • – Knowing and mastering Stress & Resilience
  • – Motivation & Mental preparation
  • – Precision Mental performance
  • – Natural strengths and genius
  • – Rhythms & Optimal timing
  • – Identify & Purpose
  • – Knowing your team for better play
  • – Maximising the Hockey NSW Culture & Community

Every session is recorded to view later.

The program also involves real time support from the Shae health and medical team in the Precision Performance chat forum/facebook group. Here you will be encouraged to talk, compare notes, strategies and ask questions to get clear in real time from the individuals who work with precision health and performance every day.

US$97 (AU $157)

*Requires AthleteAI or YOUTH profiling

Parenting360 Online Program

For Athlete Parents or Coaches

Parenting360 is the personalized approach to understanding your unique child. The online training program helps you practically implement solutions that enable your children, your family and you to thrive in a cohesive, understanding, and supportive family environment.

Parenting360 is not just a course full of helpful new tools to manage your children. It gives you a whole new lens through which to view your child, family, and all of your relationships!

  • – 7 separate learning modules to help you fully understand and implement the framework
  • – Video, audio, and written content to suit your time and preference
  • – Full instructions to help you make the most of your course
  • – Course available online 24/7
  • – Downloadable full course workbook
  • – Prompted reflections to understand your family more
  • – Practical activities you can do with your children or parenting partner
  • – Online support group to share your learning, learn from other people’s experiences, and be supported as you learn
US$297 (AU $473)

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Youth profile, if I as a parent only have 3 months access, what will happen to my child’s result after that?

The YOUTH Profile is very different from the 18+ profile:

1. It requires the consent and supervision of an Adult; and

2. It gives the youth an assessed result for the current state of their growing body.

This result offers the direction of Primary, Secondary, and often Tertiary HealthType and should be used for up to 12 months. It is recommended to re-assess these growing bodies at least every 12 months.

A Youth HealthType Report is provided as part of the results and this is best utilised by parents and coaches in conjunction with the Parenting360 program or Coaching Education Programs.

The YOUTH profile only requires access to the digital program for the assessment. The complimentary 3-month Shae membership is for the use of the Parent.

Should a Parent choose to maintain the highly valuable precision personalised guidance for themselves they need only purchase a subscription to continue with the program.

Is this compulsory as part of the HNSW Player Pathways?

Taking up the assessment and education is a recommendation, but not compulsory for athletes. Coaches will be trained in these principles and athletes will benefit from them throughout the year. HNSW is supportive of all parents and athletes wanting to take part as it allows you to best understand the best environment for your athlete.

If I have more children in the family, but they are not part of the HNSW Pathways, how do I get a profile for them?

The Parenting360 Online program is the way forward. It provides you with a wonderful amount of resources and education for your whole family, and allows you access to profile as many children in your family as you choose – each at a cost of $97. This is a program that has been used by 1000s of families around the world and provides holistic information and support for a harmonious family unit.

How do I set up the Youth profile?

Purchase the Youth profile.

As a minor, the YOUTH should not complete the initial assessment. The Parent/Caregiver (18+) must complete the initial assessment to gain access to the YOUTH Profiling.

STEP 1: Parent/Caregiver completes the Initial assessment.

STEP 2: Once the assessment is complete, email [email protected] to have the YOUTH function added to your account.

STEP 3: Head to MY ACCOUNT > CHILDREN and hit the button ADD A CHILD to update the young Athlete’s data

Is this information available for schools?

There are a large number of resources and support structures to implement precision learning and wellbeing into educational institutions through Learn360. Learn360 currently works with early learning, primary, secondary, and tertiary educational organisations.

If you are interested in this, please express your interest – we would love to support you in exploring more. 

Visit the website at

Contact the Learn360 team here

I'd LOVE to see this info introduced at my workplace - does it also help adults?


ShaeWellness is the division of Shae Group that specialises in delivering work-specific content to leadership groups, SME to multi-national organisations.

From thought-provoking keynotes and health and wellbeing challenges, to full-scale precision wellness programs, every individual is recognised and supported to foster greater productivity and increased meaningfulness at work with a more cohesive, aware, and supportive workplace culture.

For more information, please visit

Contact the ShaeWellness team here.

As a Health Professional, can I incorporate this into services with my clients?


Precision Health Alliance is the organisation for medical, allied health, fitness, natural health and wellbeing coaches, and practitioners to understand, integrate and practice with precision health outputs.

Engaged in ongoing research with T2DM, CVD, Mental Health, Athlete performance, and general wellbeing, PHA has courses that support evidence-based knowledge around precision health and support to practice precision health within your current scope.

Please visit the website for more. 

Contact the PHA team here.