Natural Secrets Revealed

In these video series, you will learn all about the HealthTypes and how they are different. Learn WHY your loved ones do what they do and HOW it might be different to the natural needs of your body.

Now is the time to embrace your natural talents, body and lifestyle and maybe even look at your loved ones through an entirely new lens.

Delving into the HealthTypes

The HealthTypes, formerly known as Biotypes, give an unparalleled insight into the natural characteristics, needs, fears and desires of our loved ones – from a physiological perspective.  

A Comparison of Healthy Bodies

Comparing the HealthTypes allows you to understand more thoroughly just how different each body is and how that translates into the actions, desires and habits that one develops over the course of a lifetime.

Curious For More?

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Introduction to Personalised Health

A fun, friendly way to start the discussion around making health personal.