What is ph360 Group Health Coaching?

The monthly Shae & ph360 Group Health Coaching is a live online call where you can join a group of like-minded, health-conscious people and a rotating panel of ph360 Health Professionals (from each HealthType!) in a structured support program. A different topic each month allows you to delve deep into personalizing your own health with the comforting, supportive guidance of your Shae & ph360 Team.

Why Join a Group?

We understand that different people like different levels of support. Joining a Group Coaching allows you to:

  • Delve deeper into your ideal lifestyle
  • Expand your social support network
  • Feel inspired, motivated and encouraged
  • Participate as much or as little as you like
  • Have the support to see the results you want
  • See how easy it is to put your profile info into practice!

What is Included?

  • Monthly Group Coaching online Video Call (via Zoom)
  • Monthly Practical & Relevant Activities
  • Exclusive Coaching Chat Group to support you through your activities
  • Access to Call Recordings

Who is it for?

ph360 & Shae Group Coaching is for those who want to experience a structured yet relaxed consistent coaching program to help navigate through their Shae profile and personal health journey.

How do I Join?

The 2021 ph360 Monthly Group Coaching calls are on the first weekend of each month – Saturday in North America/Europe and Sunday in Australasia. Simply Register below to join! You will receive a confirmation email with more instructions about how to attend each call.

NOTE: Dates below are listed for the Saturday North America/Europe timezone.

Australasia will be on the following day.

Schedule Dates
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