Live ½ Day Workshop

Includes Actual Content Taken from the ph360 Mastery Series. Only $27 (Actual Value: $347)

The Complete Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Solution for the individual needs of each and every client.

By measuring your body, science can assess your current health status.

Science has proven that your lifestyle can affect your health.

ph360 integrates these insights to deliver personalized lifestyle recommendations for your current health status!

Decades of research gathered centuries of data from scientific studies and lifestyle interventions.

Personalized Results & Retention

Understand the behaviors, brains and motivating drivers in each of your clients allowing you to create personalized adherence strategies to maximize results and retention.

No More Cookie-Cutter Approches

Why there is NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program that will work for everyone and what to do to provide personalized results.

It Is More Than Excercise & Nutrition

The Impact chronobiology, climate, social life, environment and stress can have on the results of our clients.

Cutting Edge Tech

Health technology currently available that enables Health and Fitness Practitioners around the world to confidently and accurately account for their clients unique genetic and ever-changing epigenetic needs!

Every Body Is Different

Discover just how different we are based on our ever-changing genetic expression.

So What Is ph360?

ph360 is the world’s first scientifically proven, personalized health system that uses the science of epigenetics to help you discover what is best for an individual’s health given their genes and the environmental factors affecting those genes.


The world's most advanced professional development in personalized health

Only $27 - (Actual Value: $347)

What Professionals Say

Discover what leading Health and Fitness Professionals have to say about ph360 education and technology.

AdaPT Gym and Training

Wendy Burke, Naturopath

Chris Dounis, Exercise Physiologist

This Professional Development Includes Content Directly From The ph360 6-Week Training Course

Learning how to deliver a truly personalized solution to your clients will give you a leading advantage – a must in your highly competitive industry.

What is the ph360 6-week Mastery Series?

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By knowing the genetic needs of your clients, you can build an incredible level of trust and rapport, and ensure every client achieves consistent results so you can enjoy a steady stream of income and effortless sales conversions.

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