Personalised Health Education Pack (Worth $350NZD)

Solve the problem of client numbers, getting consistent results, and retaining them long term

Personalised health sciences tell us that every exercise you prescribe, food you recommend, time you coach, and communicate with an individual client you are changing their genes, sometimes for good, and sometimes for bad. It also tells us that if you understand their unique body, you can make sure that everything you do is exactly what is right for them – no more guesswork – and they can have their ultimate experience and result.

Get upskilled in the most advanced, yet extremely practical science of personalised health

Understanding that everyone is different is easy, knowing what to do has been tough up until now. This Personalised Health Mini-series will get you immediately up-to-date with the latest science around what you need to treat the individual in front of you in the most effective way possible.

What is in the Personalised Health Education Pack?

Personalised Education Series (Value $79)

Know the science through the education series – extract the details of personalised health over a series of education videos that are designed to get you seeing each client in a completely, yet more personalised way.

Focussed Educational Webinars (Value $97)

Deepen your knowledge with 3 Practically Focussed Educational Webinars – run by international lead educators and FITEX regulars, Dr Cam McDonald (PhD) and Kyle Riley.

1-1 Coaching Session (Value $127)

Gain access to your very own profile that reveals everything you need to know in order to live in your best health + a 1-1 coaching session with a trained personalised health professional to get started on the right foot personally and professionally.

More Info on this Groundbreaking Tech & Education

By an in-depth analysis of your body, health history, lifestyle and ancestry, technology can now translate what you and your clients’ bodies want to be able to lose weight, have more energy, feel clear and vibrant and to release aches and pains for good. ph360 translates that into simple, easy to use instructions for each and every individual.

What Exercise NZ is making available to you, their members

Just by being part of the fantastic Exercise New Zealand, you get all of the above for free. Normally this would be worth over $350NZD, but for you, it is completely free.