The Technology

ph360™ collects data from your body and calculates complex algorithms to optimise your current health status through personalised, practical health advice.

  • GPS tracks where you are in the world to update your weather, climate, pollution & pollen counts and give accurate health advice.
  • Notifications in language that resonates with your natural way of being equals easy understanding and better compliance.
  • Shae syncs with your natural body clock, supporting you through 24 hours of the day.
  • Chat with your coach, find new friends and connect with people who literally think the same way that you do.
  • Data from your body is used to tailor every aspect of your recommendations. No other app is as precise for your health.
  • Soon you will be able to connect with wearables and sync your data for real-time practical health choices.

The Science Behind ph360™

ph360™ integrates scientific evidence from multiple fields of study around the world and cutting-edge technology into one powerful platform.

ph360™ Science

ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile. This allows your app, Shae, to correlate predictive, preventative personalised health data and give you practical health advice.

By measuring your body, science can assess your current health status.

Science has proven that your lifestyle can affect your health.

Ph360 integrates these insights to deliver personalized lifestyle recommendations for your current health status!

Decades of research gathered centuries of data from scientific studies and lifestyle interventions.

Completely personalised to each of your clients

Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. Anthropometric measurements are used to understand the inner-workings of the human body and as biomarkers of health and disease. While they can provide interesting insight in isolation, in combination with other markers can provide powerful insights into signs and symptoms that can be used to assess current state of health.

From the collation of the following physical assessments, ph360™ personalises data specifically to your body, and will evolve as these markers change through climate, age, lifestyle and more. This provides dynamic and personalised health information on each assessment.

Turning Evidence Into Advice

So how do we transform scientific findings into something an individual can use to improve their health and wellness? Watch the case study discussions below to find out.

Case Study – 1: Clinical Applications

Case Study – 2: Clinical Results

ph360™ is Doctor Endorsed

ph360™ is designed to use the latest evidence in science and medicine to make health simple and easy for everyone.

The pioneering science of Personalized Health is helping us to identify and address the underlying imbalances in each unique body. When these imbalances are addressed, we see a significant shift in the well-being of a person, translating to improved physical health, higher productivity, better mood, happier relationships and a more positive outlook on life in general.

Dr Lawrence Goldman, MD
Modern medicine has deviated from its wholesome roots and has abundantly dedicated its course to the unwise practice of addressing only the symptoms and not the root cause of diseases. The world needs a better way to be healthy. ph360™ found it.

Dr Alberto GaroliOMD, BAMS
Conventional medicine is incredible for acute things but we’re not very good at managing chronic things and stopping people from getting sick. Our body is our temple. We’re connected to everything. We forget to take time out to just be. This wave of new medicine is driven by the desire of the people, the community, that’s demanding something different.

Dr Penny CaldicottMD

Case Studies

Download the Personalised Health case studies below for further exploration.

62 Year Old Female

This case study describes how an individual reduced their blood pressure from severe hypertension (200/115) to normal (<125/80) in 10 weeks, while significantly reducing weight and waist measurements. Download

18 Year Old Ballet Dancer

This case study follows an individual with a history of headaches, digestive discomfort and generally low energy, and discusses the cessation of these symptoms after addressing numerous factors associated with food… Download

Long Term Study Results

Download the documents below for reports on long-term studies conducted using ph360™.

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