Why learn about Personalised Health?

  • Everyone is different: Learn how to achieve predictable, consistent results with every client you work with
  • Speak to your clients genes: Communication and motivation differ for everyone, understand how to connect with your clients on a biological level.
  • Get your time back: Utilise leading epigenetic technology to eliminate hours of research and guesswork.

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Mastery Series Overview


ph360 Foundations

Learn the science of personalised health and understand how to utilise leading ph360 technology.  Self-Paced Online Learning (8-10hrs)


ph360 Experience

Discover your unique HealthType, coaching style and how to objectively assess your clients personal health needs. Live Virtual Event (2 x 5 hour days)


ph360 Integration

Deliver a personalised health coaching framework in your current business model.  Online Group Mentoring (6 x 90 min calls) inc. additional modules

What is the Mastery Series?

The Mastery Series is the leading professional development program in personalised health and epigenetics. Health, Medical and Fitness professionals now have access to industry recognised, evidence-based education and assessment technology allowing them to deliver a truly personalised lifestyle program and coaching experience to each client they work with. 

“Each of us is unique, there is not a single person on the planet that is the same. We all eat, move, think, play, work, live and love differently. When we can understand how unique we are and what is right for us then we can move towards our intended space and place of health and happiness.“

Matt Riemann

Founder ph360

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Learn to optimise the human body and mind, accelerate the results you see with your clients and take the time to apply your learning to live your potential as a health professional.