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ph360 provides professional development and leading technology that allows you, the coach to non-invasively assess and understand each of your clients unique ‘phenotype’.

Access to this information allows you to provide personalised nutrition, lifestyle and mindset support via an interactive artificial intelligence platform, Shae.

Integrate an unstoppable coaching frame-work into your current model and take personalised health to the next level with evidence-based lifestyle programs designed around your clients genetic expression.

The future of health coaching is here

Fit (personalise) your clients lifestyle to their genes

Paleo, Keto, Vego? What about fasting? Eliminate the guesswork and coach personalised nutrition to assist your clients in improving their health . All based on their unique biology!

ph360 Technology for Health Coaches

Becoming a trained ph360 health professional will provide you with access to leading personalised health technology ‘Shae’. Shae will help to create a clear coaching path by prioritizing and organising all aspects of your clients lifestyle plan.

Assess Gene Expression

A simple, non-invasive 30 minute assessment of your clients gene expression, that can be performed in the consultation room, meaning you always have the most accurate data available for each of your clients unique needs.

Mindset and Motivation

Speak to your clients genes! Gain insights into the biology of behaviours, understanding natural brain function and natural strengths for better rapport, motivation and and client support.

Intelligent Meal Planning

Personalised food lists and recipes based on your client’s current health needs. Everything your client needs to achieve their best results at the touch of a button.

Why Timing Matters

The science of chronobiology made simple, understand your clients optimal time to eat and move, sleep and rest for the best response to your program.

Health Professional Community & Support

Join a global network of health professionals applying epigenetics in practice. Benefit from the collective experience of 10’s of thousands of clients, plus an almost inexhaustible professional resource centre to fast track your learning, enhancement of client results, and business outcomes.

Take care like never before

Add an extra level of service to your coaching business and allow Shae to provide around the clock support to your clients through push notifications and health reminders. As a coach, gain special coaching panel access to see each person’s personalised data and communicate in real time.

Enhance your coaching business. Maximise your results. With ph360.
Evidence based insights for healthcare team

Combining technology with relevant research in over 15 areas of health science allow for fast and accurate assessment that provides specific suggestions along with clinical rationale for better understanding by the medical team.

Full support & resources

Benefit from the experience & support of a vast network of health professionals, specific and detailed resources on personalised health science, and additional support as needed to ensure your team and systems are working effectively.

Ongoing professional development

Learn from deep dive webinars that explore essential areas of personalised health science and their application to medicine. Discuss cases with leading experts in the application of personalised health. Experience the Professional Medical Series conference, 3 days of personalised medicine immersion designed to answer all of your questions around the theory and practice of personalised medicine.

Have a greater impact through research

Health technology currently available that enables Health and Fitness Practitioners around the world to confidently and accurately account for their clients unique genetic and ever-changing epigenetic needs!

ph360 8-Week Mastery Series for Personal Trainers

By measuring your body, science can assess your current health status.

Science has proven that your lifestyle can affect your health.

ph360 integrates these insights to deliver personalized lifestyle recommendations for your current health status!

Decades of research gathered centuries of data from scientific studies and lifestyle interventions.

What is the Mastery Series?

The ph360 Mastery Series is the world’s most advanced course in personalised health for health coaches.

This continuing education course combines the latest in personalised health, epigenetics and evidence-based behavioural coaching. The way you motivate, support and assist your clients in adhering to their lifestyle plan is completely unique, as is the guidance you should provide.

Understand how hormones and genes affect behaviour, motivation and support needs. How to assess this in each of your clients and use the latest evidence-based behavioural techniques in a way that matches each clients unique psycho-social profile for improved adherence, rapport and results in your health coaching business.

8-Week Mastery Series includes

-2 Weeks of Online Pre-Learning

-2 Days of face to face learning

-5-6 Weeks of Online Mentoring and Education

Providing you with in-depth knowledge and practical ability that is transferable to real clients in your coaching business. Along with the course you will receive:

  • A Personalised Health Manual for use with all clients at quick reference
  • Exclusive membership into the ph360 health professional community, meet other trainers, allied health professionals and medical doctors to form a part of your referral and support network
  • Live mentoring to assist you in using Personalised Health with your clients
  • Ongoing training, support and development in personalised exercise prescription, nutrition, coaching and business as you continue on your personalised health professional journey

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