What is included in the Parenting360 course?

Parenting360 is provided internationally and by health & family professionals trained in personalisation and the Parenting360 model. Each certified facilitator has their own unique flavour, style and, of course, family experiences to share.


To support your learning you will receive the complete Parenting360 digital workbook, your HealthType report and your very own completely personalised Shae with 3 months access.


Find out the HealthType/s of your child/ren through the practical assessment with the ph360 Science Team simply and easily through your included Shae app.


Join the online international support group to discover helpful tips, share your experiences and be amongst other parents learning the HealthType lens.

Want to become a Parenting360 Facilitator?

Is family your passion? Does supporting parents and children set your heart on fire? We are looking to expand out network of providers around the globe. If you are interested in adding Parenting360 to your services click here to learn more.

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LIVE Virtual Course
FACILITATORS: Amanda Cunningham, Nikki Riemann, Chris Riemann
Facilitated Weekly

Thursday evenings from 22nd October to 3rd December, 2020. 7 sessions over 7 weeks, 7.30-9.30pm ACDT, 7-9pm AEST, 8-10pm AEDT.

Early Bird Register by Friday 9th October, 2020 for your parenting partner to join you and receive a FREE 3 month ph360 profile (new members only).

Standard US$247 (excludes GST).

Brisbane, Queensland
FACILITATORS: Cherie Gorringe, Kelly Prosser
New course dates TBC.

Thursday evenings, 7-9pm at the Full Moon Hotel, 118 Eagle Tce, Sandgate.

Early Bird Single AU$297 (US$199), Couple AU$447 (US$299).

Standard Single AU$497 (US$329), Couple AU$647 (US$429).

Auckland, New Zealand
FACILITATORS: Lydia Dorotich, Amy Shipley
New course dates TBC.

Mother-Well Holistic Health, Auckland. 

Early Bird Single NZ$310 (US$199), Couple NZ$465 (US$299).

Standard Single NZ$525 (US$329), Couple NZ$685 (US$429).

What Parents are Saying About Parenting360

“We could almost see burdens visibly lifting from them…”

In talking to our children about their HealthTypes, even at their young age (8 & 6), we found it really resonated with them and they were able to confirm a lot of the things we talked about. We could almost see burdens visibly lifting from them too, as they began to feel more free to be themselves.

– Jonathan, Crusader Dad
“How as parents we can embrace (and not squash) habits …”

I have learned so much through the Parenting360 course about myself, my children and how our family operates. It has been like putting on a pair of 3D glasses, and seeing the third dimension of our family for the first time! The course has helped me to better understand my children and their individual needs, and how as parents we can embrace (and not squash) habits that are uniquely theirs.

– Meg,  Diplomat Mum
“Why my children respond in particular ways…”

The program has enabled me to understand the individuals in our household. How each of us approaches family life and the emphasis we place on this. I have gained a greater understanding as to why my children respond in particular ways and how I can parent with more positive outcomes. I highly recommend this program… Thank you ph360 team for helping our family!

– Vicki, Guardian Mum
“Good interaction and sharing between participants…”

Really enjoyed hearing real life examples from presenters of personal implementation and their results. This facilitated good interactions and sharing between participants.

– Tina, Connector Mum
“Feeling so much more like a valued part of our family…”

I can tell our Connector child is feeling so much more like a valued part of our family. I have learned about the ways I can really encourage her and bring her joyful nature to life.

– Sensor Mum
“Has felt like a revelation…”

I always felt like I really understood my son, but felt like I could never quite ‘figure out’ my daughter. I always subconsciously assumed that my daughter was going to be a ‘mini me’, that we would naturally like all the same things and think the same way, and being able to not just accept, but celebrate the fact that she is completely unique, and different to me in so many ways has felt like a revelation.

– Meagan, Activator Mum
“The overarching mission for ph360 is to lead to major breakthroughs and application in the reversal of chronic disease and pain by the year 2050.”

Matt Riemann

Founder ph360

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